The IT industry has undoubtedly grown and flourished, thanks to various technological breakthroughs and advancements. In fact, Information Technology is such a dynamic industry that what may be on-trend now may well be obsolete in the next few months. As such, businesses need to keep up to date with various IT programs and processes if they want to stay ahead and be as productive as possible. And this is where the expertise of a managed IT service provider comes in. If you depend on a managed IT service provider for your needs – whether it’s for connectivity, cybersecurity, cloud computing, backup, hosting or DNS, etc., you can benefit from the best of both worlds: better and more efficient operational processes plus guidance from experts. So, what other reasons do you need to rely on a managed IT services provider? Let’s find out.

Expert access:

When you rely on a provider of managed IT services, you have complete access to a team of professionals – experts in IT who will do what they can to make sure you get the right service and expertise. Most managed service providers will have a skilled team on-hand to handle various network problems or issues, telephony, cloud computing, hardware and software, IT security, connectivity, and more.

Savings on expenses:

Outsourcing your managed IT services is a lot more cost-effective than having your own team or department. You don’t have to deal with HR requirements and salaries, and you don’t have to be in charge of training your team and making sure they have the proper skills. The managed IT service provider will do all of that, and you don’t have to purchase your own equipment, either. The provider will have everything in place – all you need to do is tell them what you require.

A guarantee on SLAs and a high level of service:

Most of the managed IT service providers working today work according to Service Level Agreements, or SLAs. This means they will follow strict standards when it comes to the service they provide, and they will follow deadlines to the letter as well. Even if an issue arises, you can be sure that they will address the problem as promptly as possible to limit your amount of downtime; this is especially useful in regard to crucial infrastructure.

Proactive maintenance and support:

Managed IT service providers will address problems in a different way compared to the standard in-house IT department, as confirmed by Kent IT experts like IT Backbone. A good provider will, for instance, make sure that they have the right remote monitoring and maintenance features and tools in place so they can continuously assess and scan (as well as resolve) various network issues as they – or even before they – arise.

A simpler way to handle your budget and manage your expenses:

When you depend on a managed IT services provider, this will not only allow you to save on your expenses – it also allows you to manage and simplify your budget and your management of expenses. Why? Simply because most managed IT service providers will charge you a set fee per month, so you know precisely how much you need to pay and when to pay it. There are no unexpected costs or expenses, which you are likely to have if you have your own managed IT, team.