Having a baby is definitely one of the most exciting times in a parent’s life, and if you are set to give birth or your partner is giving birth soon, then you are more than likely doing your best to be well-prepared. Your baby would need a lot of things, and one of the essentials is clothing. But baby clothes are plentiful, and it can be a challenge to decide on what they need. You may already be thinking of onesies and socks and sleepwear, but certain items may have slipped your mind – which is where we come in. Here, then, is a list of the top baby clothes you didn’t know your baby needed: your premium guide.

  1. Blankets and swaddles

Most everyone will already know that your baby needs sleepwear, and the little one would need a lot of it! But blankets and swaddles are also crucial, especially since you want your baby to be as cosy as possible when they sleep. Blankets and swaddles are not technically baby clothes, but they are included because you can use them during the day to tuck them up so they can be comfortable and protected. And if you have to travel with them, it’s best to keep them wrapped up comfortably in a blanket. Swaddles are very useful because you can wrap your baby in them plus you can choose from a wide range of colours and patterns and fabrics.

  1. Bath clothes

Bath clothes are often overlooked, but they are essential as well. Towels are a necessity, and if you want something good, go for towels with hoods so your baby can dry off quickly. Hooded towels come in different designs, and opt for those in terry cloth so they will feel soft – and they’re perfect for the sensitive skin of your baby as well.

  1. Caps and hats

Caps and hats are highly practical and useful. Nurses often place hats on babies as soon as they are born so they can keep warm. Of course, you don’t need to place a hat or cap on your baby all the time, particularly if it’s already hot as it can result in overheating. But caps and hats are a good thing during the winter or cold days.

  1. Dresses and suits

There’s no doubt that baby dresses and suits are delightful, and they can make your baby look even more adorable. You can invest in a dress or suit or two for special occasions or if it’s your baby’s ‘monthsary’ so you can show off their outfit to your family and friends. Spanish baby clothes like those from Avas Wardrobe are quite popular since they are made from the finest materials and are simply gorgeous, and you can take your pick from an array of designs as well.

  1. Shoes

Even though it may still take a while for a baby to learn to stand up, it’s still a good idea to buy them shoes so their toes can stay warm. The body has a lot of blood vessels on the feet and hands, which is necessary for regulating temperature – so if you ensure that your baby has socks and shoes, especially when you take them out, you can keep their body temperature regulated and help them stay warm and cosy.