romance-with-a-social-addictThese days, just about everyone you meet admits that they use social media. We all have Facebook accounts and prefer to send emails rather than picking up the phone. Social media addicts take it a bit further. These are the people who update their Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, Path, and Google+ with their every move. They thrive on being fully connected at all times. When it comes to dating, many people think someone who is so addicted to their phones or laptop would be a bad date…but there are some positives too!

Here are the top five reasons you should date a social media addict

  • You’ll always know what’s going on. In a social media addict’s opinion, there is no such thing as too much information. They are like human sponges and that means they always have a lot to share. They know what is going on in the world, minute by minute and these are great people to ask questions about just about anything-celebrity gossip to politics, they’ve got a story to share.
  • Plan B is a few clicks away. Have you ever shown up at a restaurant on a date only to find that the wait for a table is two hours and you’re already starving? A social media addict doesn’t let things like this get him down. Before you know it, he’s reading reviews on Yelp for restaurants nearby and making reservations on Open table. Easy!
  • They will keep the links coming! Sharing links is becoming an integral part of our culture. If you’re dating a social media addict, you can be sure that he’ll send you all of the funniest, craziest and most insane links ever found to add a bit of laughter to your day at the office, before anyone else has even seen them. It’s like having your hand on what the hottest items on the web are.
  • They are super tech savvy. Thinking of starting a fashion blog or want to find the best deal on a pair of shoes? These are the people you want around. They’ve been using social media long enough to know the secrets of the Internet. Maybe they will tweet directly at a company for you, or give you tips on gaining traffic to your blog. Whatever it is, social media addicts are natural connectors and love sharing their passion.
  • They can’t hide from you. Gone are the days of going on a first date and never hearing from the guy again, at least not in the case of a social media addict. If you want to know how they feel, or even if just want to spy a bit, all you’ll have to do is take a look at their twitter, blog, facebook or Path. If you want to get in touch, you have more options than you know what to do with. If you really want to turn them on, send them an @ on Twitter versus a text message…he’ll be yours in no time.