For all those single people out there we know that one of the most daunting things when you meet somebody is the dreaded first date. This is somebody who you don’t know anything about, what food do they like, where do they drink and 9 things out of 10 we all pick something we would like to do and not necessarily the date. Dating made fun and easy when followed some simple tips.

When getting ready for your first date there are a number of things that can always make us have 2nd thoughts. 1st one is looks, can you remember! how they look like as when you met them in a night club/bar or they have a changed look outside. Then this is the one a lot of women struggle with what to wear, how to dress up, go casual or just play it normal.

Previously, the most traditional date was meeting in a pub or bar, go for a meal and then see what happens but now people aren’t interested in this, they all want to be out having a good time. Boring dates got a set back, so here we take a look at some adventurous dates outside of the box:

1. Ice skating-

This is a good pick as it’s something both can enjoy, it’s fun, you can have a laugh and hopefully not fall over and make a fool of yourself on the first date and plus you can hold hands in a nice way and learn together.

2. The zoo-

The zoo is a great fun day out and is a good time to see the real side of somebody. You get to see them away from their friends and around other people and you can both open up and have a chat whilst wandering round the zoo.The Top Five First Date Tips

3. Walk/ dog walking-

If it’s a nice dry evening, then a nice walk is always a good first date. Fill your lungs with fresh air and have a nice walk round a country park and take the dogs if you have any. Have a chat, crack some jokes and enjoy each other’s company.

4. Quad biking-

This is for the more adventurous type. Do something fun for the day like a quad biking trek through open fields or a forest, get full of mud and water but have a great time and see them smiling.The key to making a good first impression is to do something outside of the box and make your personality stand out.

5. Theater-

It’s really a good start. Going to a theater and watching a good romantic movie will definitely bring you closer to one another. Further, this will certainly help open your hearts in a more convenient way. You can share some snacks together like pop corns and chips while watching movie and of course, holding hands in romantic scenes. And, what you see to your surprises, in the blink of your eyes the time goes by and the screen offs.

The above all are the smartest five first date tips in getting a date in your hold. So, have the confidence and go ahead..