Many modern people strive to make their homes environmentally friendly and do not want to replace the usual wooden windows with plastic ones. And this is not surprising, because wood is considered a valuable natural material with a lot of advantages. Restoration of wooden windows is not an easy mission, but it can be done. It makes it possible to give the old structure the look of a completely new product.

The feasibility of repairing wooden windows

Do-it-yourself wooden window repair allows you to save your budget and improve the dilapidated window structure.

Restoration of wooden windows is unlikely to lead to the desired result if:

  • The structure of the wood is so loose that, when pressed, strong dents form on it;
  • There is a complete loosening of the window frames in the openings;
  • Large dark spots are visible under the paint, usually indicating decomposition;
  • Frames are bent or strongly deformed;
  • Wooden windows are very badly damaged.

What do you need for work?

Old wooden window glass repair is usually carried out according to the “Swedish” system, which allows combining the repair and thermal insulation of the window structure. You will need a certain list of tools:

  • Zenzubel – a plane for the formation and cleaning of grooves, folds, and claws;
  • Several chisels 4-30 mm wide;
  • Saw rail;
  • Palette knife or flat knife;
  • Tri-square;
  • Hole saw for wood;
  • Carpenter’s level and plumb line;
  • Drying oil;
  • Zinc or titanium thick-grated white;
  • Kerosene;
  • Brushes;
  • Carnations;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Plywood or board slightly larger than the window frame;
  • Pieces of water-repellent plywood;
  • Silicone-based aquarium glue.

It is better to start repairing wooden windows in warm, dry weather. The recommended humidity is 40-65%.

Dismantling and surface inspection

The home window repair begins with an inspection and check of a double-glazed window. It is necessary to remove the sash, remove the glazing beads and glass.
The restoration of windows should be started only after thorough drying of all wooden parts.

Removing paint

There are several methods to remove paint from old-style windows.

Using a construction hairdryer

Removal of the coating must be done carefully. It is recommended to remove the glasses in advance, as they can crack when exposed to hot air.

Using chemicals

Old wooden windows will not withstand the aggressive effects of solvents, so only kerosene should be used to remove paint.

How to repair rotted frame areas

The decayed section of the frame can be replaced or restored. The wood repair requires an epoxy wood filler. You need to clean the damaged area and remove debris. Then apply the putty, thoroughly filling all gaps and cracks. Form the missing piece. It should be slightly larger than the required size since the excess will be removed during subsequent grinding.

Leave the frame to dry for at least a day. Sand the repaired area with sandpaper or a grinder.

Putty and primer for minor defects

Before carrying out this operation, it is necessary to identify cracks, chips, and other defects in wooden windows, mark them with a marker, and process them with sandpaper. Then cover the marked areas with latex or oil putty. Work is carried out with a rubber spatula, immediately removing excess material. If necessary, then after drying the first layer, apply the second. In the end, the wooden surface is treated with fine-grained sandpaper. The primer is applied in 2 layers.

Impregnation of wooden windows

In order for the repaired windows to serve as long as possible, they need to be covered with linseed oil. It will block the development of rot and restore the structure of the old wood.

The drying oil is applied with a brush in 3-4 layers: the next one – after the absolute absorption and drying of the previous one. Such processing allows extending the service life of wooden window frames by more than 100 years, and if they are coated with an oil composition, then repainting will be required no earlier than 15 years later.

Thermal insulation of wooden windows

High-quality repair of wooden double-glazed windows includes their insulation, which can significantly reduce heat loss at home. There are several ways to insulate windows with your own hands:

  • Silicone sealants;
  • Special paper;
  • Cloth stripes;
  • Tubular profiles;
  • Heat-saving film;
  • Seal in the frame sashes.

Glazing of wooden windows

The restoration of wooden double-glazed windows ends with the home glass repair. The procedure consists of several stages:

  • Squeeze out some silicone glue under the inner corners of the frame;
  • Insert glass and secure with studs;
  • Remove glue drips with a cloth dipped in vinegar;
  • Do not completely scrape off the silicone from the fasteners: it will protect them from rust;
  • After the glue has hardened, fix the glass with putty (chalk + drying oil) or pre-treated glazing beads.


Repair of wooden windows with double-glazed windows is not a very difficult undertaking. Basic problems can be easily fixed. A skillful combination of ancient restoration technology and modern materials can do wonders. A little patience and a shabby window will acquire a new, restored look, retaining all the useful properties of wood.


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