A massage is relaxing and pleasurable on any level but an erotic massage session enjoyed with the man in your life is a fab boost for spicing up your sex life. Here are some great techniques to try out and see what a difference it makes to your lovemaking.

Head massage

erotic-massageA head massage is a great place to start as it stimulates your energy centre, relieves any tension, whilst easing stress and bringing a general feeling of well-being, which will get you in the right frame of mind for the fun that is about follow. Take it in turns to give each other a massage and start by showing your man how it is done by getting him to lie on his back with his head supported by a cushion. Kneel down behind him and place your hands on the forehead, beginning the massage by stroking upwards with a light gentle touch starting from the nose up to the hairline with alternating hands. Repeat the movement about ten times for maximum effect and finish with your palms on his temples which you should then keep there for a couple of minutes.

Head massage is one of the easiest parts of the body to start on as you practice your techniques and find what really works and it is also a great sensual hors d’oeuvre for setting the tone as the massage moves on to a more sexual level. If you want to add some eroticism from the start then small circular movements on the scalp will stimulate some sexual hotspots and some men are driven wild by having their ears gently stroked or just feeling your hot breath around this highly sensitive area, in fact make sure you get your man to return the favor as this is a big turn on for a lot of women too.

Chest massage

The chest is considered second base when it comes to erogenous zones in both men and women and is get this right and pretty soon you will both be heading down to first base for some more intimate stimulation. The chest and stomach are amongst the most sensitive parts of our body and around the collarbone the skin is very thin and as a result, this area is very receptive to touch. Make gentle circular movements on both directions and explore the areas around the nipples with a teasing soft touch or maybe consider using a feather for that extra fine touch that will really light up the fires of pleasure. Most men are quite obviously attracted to our breasts but encourage them to take their time and softly caress and stimulate the nipples and you are quite likely to experience some orgasmic feelings.

Foot massage

The feet have four sexual stimulation spots that are directly linked to the genitals so get this part of the massage right and you are doubling the pleasure and ensuring that the night is going to be a sexual success. Use some oil to help lubricate your palms and after taking a foot in your hands start by making gentle clockwise movements around the ankle bone using your thumbs. Using a figure of eight movement stroke the upper and lower part of the foot, gauging the reaction to see which areas are most receptive.

Perfecting your massage technique can take a little time to find out what you both really like but you will have a lot fun finding out and you will also be spicing up your sex life at the same time.

Krista Joseph is a women’s health expert and sex consultant. She is always on the lookout for ways to help women explore their sexuality.