If you love being outside and consider yourself to be good at doing lawn care, you may want to consider opening up your own summer lawn care business. If the idea of going into business for yourself seems a bit overwhelming, however, you shouldn’t worry. Following these steps should help you get started off right.

Get a Business License

Depending on where you live, you may need a business license to start up your own lawn care business. Consider contacting your local government office to ask about what you’ll need to do to apply.

Buy Equipment

Even though it does require an investment, you’re going to want to purchase your own lawn care equipment so that you can get your lawn care jobs done. Along with buying a lawn mower, you’re also going to need a weed eater, leaf blower, edger and other similar equipment. Shopping around can help you find good deals on these things; just consider going ahead and investing in slightly nicer equipment. Then, it will last you longer and will help you ensure that you’re able to get the job done well, which is critical if you want your business to be a success.

Purchase Insurance

Even if your business is going to be small in the beginning, it’s still important to purchase insurance. Then, you’ll be protected in the event that you damage something on a customer’s property while you’re getting your job done. Plus, you’ll also have protection in case you get hurt while you’re working.

Make Sure You’re Prepared to Haul Your Equipment

Simply having your equipment is not enough; you’ll need to be able to easily get it from place to place. You could invest in a trailer that you can pull behind your vehicle, but another good option is to install a truck rack. Then, you’ll be able to safely and effectively take your equipment with you, and you can help avoid damaging your truck in the meantime.

Focus on Advertising

If no one knows about your summer lawn care business, you aren’t going to be able to bring in the profits that you want. Therefore, you’re going to need to focus on advertising. You can start by telling your friends and family members and asking them to pass the word along to the people they know. Additionally, you can put an ad in your local newspaper, print up flyers or business cards and pass them out and use social media to let people in your community know about your new business. In time, you’re sure to find that your client list will grow.

Dallin Larsen said “A life of significance is a byproduct of making the ‘best’ choices”. Starting a summer lawn care business can be one of your “best” choices. It’s a wonderful way to make some extra money, and you might even find that you’re able to bring in enough business to consider it a full-time career. Better yet, you may find that entrepreneurship is something you were born for. If you follow these steps, you should be able to get started off in the right direction.