One of the concepts of positive psychology is about becoming a happier human being. This is a dominating factor because happiness influences both success and health. There is evidence suggesting the brain can be rewired through a fairly simple daily practice for a greater sense of positivism. One of these concepts is referred to as mindfulness meditation. This strategy can increase happiness and exercise both the professional and personal strengths. This is accomplished by undertaking activities that are deeply meaningful.

Conditioning for Happiness

The Happiness Track is a book written by Emma Emma Seppälä. This book suggests happiness is a result of an individual’s actions. The book implies that basing happiness entirely on performance is a trap. The book suggests well being comes from the relationship each individual has with themselves. This includes the ways people think, talk and treats themselves. The possibility exists that when people treat themselves in a negative or conditional manner, they are wiring their brain to be unhappy. Happiness can come from making good decisions, dealing with failure, moving into a new home or purchasing a used Lexus.

The Most Common Question

The most common question regarding happiness is how to remain happy when money is being lost. A good example is a trader in the financial markets. This individual is responsible for earning their investors a profit. Some people believe if their clients lose money they have failed in their duties and their happiness will be lost to failure. Many of the individuals who believe this are successful professionals oriented towards achievements. They are always driven because they are never happy with the status quo. This drive also makes them unhappy because they are constantly pushing themselves to do more. They become burned out, their productivity suffers and they do not embody success.

Becoming a Happier human Being

The secret to becoming a happier human being is for people to change the relationship they have with themselves. The best ways to accomplish this are to remain constructive, not negative or positive but constructive. Having a constructive relationship means fully accepting the fact that mistakes are going to be made sometimes. It is human nature to fall short when setting challenging goals. Everyone will make bad decisions from time to time from partners to parents. It is important to accept bad decisions will be made at work and in finances leading to unsatisfactory results. Everyone will eventually fail. When an individual is constructive, they have the ability to learn from their mistakes. These mistakes must be embraced as constructive opportunities so better learning can be achieved.

Achieving the Right Relationship

When an individual bases their happiness on their successes, they will always be unhappy when they do not reach their goals. Happiness must be conditioned based on learning from every failure. This will ensure these individuals can control their relationships with themselves and their well being. When an individual retains a constructive attitude, they will be a much happier human being. This will enable them to find the solution when a mistake is made.

The Happiness Project

During the Happiness Project, it was determined small but positive actions every day bring about a sense of well being. Deep satisfaction can be gained through a combination of constructive thinking, learning and evolution. One solution is keeping a failure journal. One column can contain instances where the person was frustrated because they fell short of their goals. The next column can identify why the person fell short and exactly where they went wrong. The final column is for solutions to enable better decisions in the future. The final column requires action and should contain realistic goals. The idea is to confront the same situation in a different and better way. A failure journal provides encouragement to find shortcomings and use them in the best possible way. This is all about people achieving a better relationship with themselves. It is important to make the most out of being a human being.