Did you know that making a donation to charity, makes you the same amount of happy while you are eating a chocolate. A study shows that donating for a worthy cause can light up the midbrain region of your brain. Charity provides happiness to everyone in many ways. For one to gain happiness and success in life, the best way to do charity.

Ways to Maximize Your Happiness While Giving

1.Give to the specific projects
If the organizations are framed in real, concrete ways, one can give in three times more for supporting them. One feels really better when they do charity. If the projects are framed in real, you can give twice as much. Every time you do, you feel much better. If you are donating to something concrete it will definitely end up making a personal impact on one’s life. If the project is clear and transparent, there is more happiness.

2.Give frequently but in small amounts

If you give regularly but in small amount of money, you get happier. The pleasure you receive every time you donate, cannot be compared. Give often but in small amounts so that you can support many projects and causes at the same time.

3.Give when you know that your donation might help

Donating does make you happy. But one should know where they are donating; it doesn’t have to be fake donations. One should before donating very well check whether the organization they are donating to is fake or real. Fund those organizations that tell you the great stories of the person to whom your donation might help. This makes you much more happy.

4.Give away in public ways.
One may would want to keep their donations anonymous but one should also be recognized for his/her donations so that the next time too they are motivated to give donations. This also helps in encouraging others to do charity.

One such famous organisation for donation is The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON. It is a non-profit, spiritual and social welfare organization which is engaged and occupied in propagating the values and teachings of the great literatures of Vedas. The donations which are made here go for expanding the society through various educational as well as spiritual programs. Also, some donations are done to support the temple.

Why donate to us?

Giving something to Krishna is one extremely elevated activity. Donating can be whether you give time for hearing and chanting, it can be little of your energy, some of your money and some of your love. Giving anything to Krishna, will never make you loose anything. Giving something to please the lord always pleases you either directly or indirectly.

What to give?
There are numerous and unlimited ways in which one can contribute to the Krishna’s temple. It can either be your time and services or be it your financial support.

How to give?
Every contribution that an individual makes to them be it, large or small it does make a huge difference. Making donations to ISKCON temple is the first and foremost step for establishing a special relationship and bond with the temple. One can Donate Online Iskcon or to their Food Relief Foundation Donation. The time of the festivals are also one important time in which one can donate to their temple. One can also attend the services of the temple and do little things of the temple that will make you happy.