The V-neck tee is a wardrobe staple for men around the globe. Not only is it super versatile and comfortable, it is also the easiest way to put together a smart-casual outfit for any occasion. There are so many ways to ace the V-neck look and we’re taking inspiration from PostFold to share some safely kept styling secrets with you.

Here’s looking at 5 great ways to style your PostFold V-neck tee and pull off an effortlessly sophisticated OOTD:


  • Wear Denim


Adding a little bit of denim to your ensemble can go a long way in balancing the overall look.


Pair a basic, sky blue coloured v-neck tee like the one pictured here with dark distressed jeans to create a sleek, praise-worthy outfit. For your feet, slip into casual black moccasins or signature Oxford sneakers.

  • Be mindful of the occasion

While adding a leather jacket is a great way to style-up your v-neck tee, pairing it with linen pants is more apt for a Sunday brunch scene – not to mention the magic a classic watch and pair of shades could do. When taking your pick from a range of men’s designer T-Shirts, you must remain mindful of the occasion you’re dressing for. Fortunately, the V-neck tee can be styled in a myriad of ways to suit different needs and requirements.

men’s designer T-Shirts

Like the Elbow Patch Tee with tan suede detail by PostFold is a great option that’ll look good for casual and semi-formal occasions alike.

  • Accessorize

A smart man never underestimates the value of wearing the right accessories. Accessorizing is important to accentuate your look and leave a lasting impression every single time.


Accessorize PostFold’s Supima v-neck tee with the right pair of moccasins to reflect your unique sense of style. For a more polished affair, stand out with classic suspenders and a matching leather belt. No matter your preference, remember to pay special attention to your accessories.

  • Groom yourself for it

What can be a little hindrance to looking your sophisticated best when wearing a V-neck tee is chest hair. If the hair peeps up beyond your collarbone, it might compromise the overall feel of your look. It’s a sign of masculinity but doesn’t complement this tee very well. Ideally, if you have a thick layer of chest hair under your shirt, try grooming it before you sport the v-neck. However, no one can stop you from feeling good about it if you’re alright with it.

  • Not too deep, nor too shallow

When it comes to v-neck tees, the depth of your neckline can be the making or breaking point of your look. Avoid very deep v-neck t-shirts, especially if their lowest point descends lower than four inches from your throat. However, this is not to say that shallow necklines are necessarily the way to go. Wearing a very shallow v-neck tee can make your outfit look small and ill-fitting. The best trick is to ensure that your collar falls horizontally in line with your armpits and shoulders.

v-neck tees

Donning the v-neck tee can be a different experience for those who have worn the crewneck forever. However, you’ll be surprised at the effortless style this tee exudes as long as you follow these basic guidelines. Also, remember to pay special attention to the T-shirt’s fabric. For the hottest months of the year, buy linen shirts online or choose from a wide range of Supima v-neck tees by PostFold, available in a bunch of exciting colours.