Garrett Ace 350 is the best metal detector to buy if you are new to treasure hunting. It would be a perfect choice for someone who is into finding tiny things such as coins, relics, and jewelry. You get to enjoy the features of high-end metal detectors without investing much of your money.

This incredible metal detector comes with five search modes that include Zero (no discrimination mode), Jewelry, custom, relics, and coins. They make it easy and fast to detect different targets in different detecting environments. All you need to do is decide what you are looking for and adjust the search mode accordingly. You won’t hear the beep if the target matches an unselected segment, which helps you ignore unwanted stuff.

Here are a few pros and cons of the Ace 350 that will make it easier for you to decide on your purchase:

Pros of the best metal detector:

  • Enhanced Iron Resolution: When compared to the previous models of Garrett, the ACE 350 offers more “segments” of iron detection. This saves a lot of time and makes it easier to separate good targets from junk with greater accuracy.
  • Large DD Search Coil: The Garrett 350 is a best metal detector that comes with an 8.5 x 11” DD search coil which offers better performance on mineralized grounds. Its high frequency makes it easy to look for tiny targets such as coins, jewelry, and relics.
  • User-Friendly: Apart from being lightweight and easy-to-balance, the Garrett 350 is also very easy-to-use. The ground balance monitor offers a large LCD display that makes it easier to see details about depth and sensitivity. This can be very useful when looking for targets underground.
  • Economical: Although the Ace 350 has most of the features that high-end metal detectors have, it is priced very reasonably. Its current price is about $300. But you should find one at a better price if you stumble upon any discounts or promotional offers.
  • Made in USA: Manufactured by Garrett, which is a leading name in the manufacturing of metal detectors, the Ace 350 is of excellent quality. Designed for a life time, the device is functional as well as high-performing.

Cons of the best metal detector:

  • No Adjustable Ground Balance: Although Ace 350 includes many high-end features, it has no adjustable ground balance. The ground balance settings are pre-set during manufacturing and cannot be changed.
  • No adjustable frequency settings: You can adjust sensitivity depending on what you are looking for. However, Garrett 350 doesn’t have adjustable frequency settings. So, although you can see deeper targets the device might behave erratically in highly mineralized soils and trashy areas, especially if exposed to any kind of electronic interference.
  • No Digital Target ID: Instead of a digital target ID that most high-end metal detectors use, Garrett 350 makes use of a segment-based discrimination system to identify targets. You will have to identify the size of the target and its metal type by looking at the black segment that appears below the symbol on the Target ID scale. For instance, if a segment appears below the symbol that shows a 25 cent coin, you need to understand that the target is about the size of a quarter. With various factors influencing the target ID, you cannot be absolutely sure about the target shown on this device.

Although Ace 350 has been replaced by Ace 400, you can still find a couple of these metal detectors with one of the online vendors, because of the kind of popularity it gained in the metal detecting community.