It doesn’t matter who you ask, you’re going to hear a different answer every time. There is no right or wrong place to live depending on your personal preferences, and that’s what makes this country such a beautiful place. If you’re considering a move to the East Coast, you might assume there are some pros and some cons to living on this side of the country. You’re right. It’s not for everyone, but there is so much to offer no matter where you live up or down the East Coast.


The Pros and Cons of East Coast Living

Perhaps the biggest pro of East Coast living has to do with the variety you get on this side of the country. On the West Coast, you have 3 states from which to choose. You can be a California native, Oregon, or Washington. On the East Coast, you can choose anything from the tropical weather in Miami to the gorgeous fall foliage in Connecticut or even Maine. Some of the best places to live in Massachusetts include Nantucket and Boston, and you still get to choose from cities such as Manhattan, Cambridge, and even the deeply southern Carolinas.


You can go from Boston prep to all the southern charm coastal Georgia communities have to offer. You never lose when you move to the East Coast, but there is one thing you should know about living over here that is a major con. You don’t get an ocean view in many locations. Unlike living on the West Coast where you have all the hills and ocean views from almost every home up the hills, the East Coast is flat. You’re getting an ocean view only from the sand. If you’re across the street from the beach, you probably can’t see it.


East Coast living is often considered upscale, historic, and proper. Since it is home to the 13 original colonies, you’re going to find historic architecture, old money, and very conservative ways. These are all pros to some and cons to others.


The Pros and Cons of Living on the West Coast

As mentioned before, you can go into Southern California and have a view of the Pacific from two miles across the PCH where you can’t do that on the East. The views are lovely, and the weather is perfect when you’re in California. Without humidity, people get to enjoy a lot more comfortable outdoor living than they do in the very humid East.


However, the water is much cooler on the West, which is a problem for those who are accustomed to the warm waters in the south and on the East Coast. The other con about West Coast living is the lack of sunshine in northern states and cities. They’re known for the rainfall, but that could be a pro for you.


The West Coast is a lot newer than the East, which means you’re going to find just as much extravagance, but also a lot more fluidity. You’ll find newer money, more modern architecture, and more liberal people. Again, this could be a pro for you, or it might fall into your list of cons.


Both are Beautiful

The East Coast has something special to offer you won’t find in the West, such as the southern charm, the history, and the diverse culture. However, both coats are breathtaking and have much to offer everyone who chooses to make it their home. Depending on what you want, you will find it anywhere. There’s just something a little special about East Coast living that comes in the form of proximity to so many major cities, beautiful weather, southern charm, and who doesn’t love living only a few hours to the Caribbean by air?


No matter where on the East Coast you decide to make your home, you’ll find happiness. There is so much to explore, to learn, and to enjoy wherever you go. The rich culture in most cities provides ample opportunity for you to learn and grow, and you will always find a way to make your new city home.