Often we see couples getting married and breaking off their marriage, but there are a lot of things happening throughout this span. When a couple opts for divorce, the very first thing they do is file a divorce petition. This petition is filed by the petitioner which can be the husband or wife to their respective partner. These petitions are filed by Divorce Matters Law Firm who take up divorce cases and do the proceeding on behalf of their client. This petition is filed in the state court of law of the country where the couple resides. Divorce petitions can be filed in any state court irrespective of where the marriage took place. The petition filed contains all the necessary details related to the couple and their marriage. The details include the name of the husband, wife, children, their postal address, their separate property, joint property or shared property, child custody and support for maintenance or alimony.

  1. Serving the Divorce Petition

The petition filed by one partner is served to the other partner. This span is known as the service of process. During this process, if both parties agree to the divorce along with the terms and conditions stated in the petition then, only a signature is required. The party to whom the petition is served needs to sign the acknowledgement document. If the party, to whom the petition is served, denies signing the petition then the petitioner must follow legal procedures of divorce. Through the legal procedure, a time period is allotted to the party denying the petition. This party must come under legal terms to sort issues else the court will start sending restraining orders. During this procedure, none of the spouses is allowed to move out of the state or take their children out of the state. They cannot sell their shared properties or borrow money against it as well.

  1. Response to Divorce Petition

The one filing a petition is known as petitioner while the other is known as respondent. The respondent can file a response to the petition which shows that both the parties agree to the terms and conditions stated in the petition. Under such situations, the case doesn’t need to move to the court. A divorce case moves to the court only when the respondent doesn’t file a response within a span of 30 days. This span starts from the date of issuing the petition. The response to a petition can also be the disagreement with the terms and conditions of the petition. Under such circumstances, the Divorce Matters Law Firm provides legal support. These firms work on the proceedings of the divorce case under the court of law for their clients.

  1. Concluding of a Divorce

A divorce case comes to a conclusion when both the parties disclose all their assets, incomes, expenses and liabilities to the court. The divorce can be done with some legal paperwork if it is an uncontested divorce. A contested divorce is a lengthy procedure which requires time and money. The court passes judgment on the basis of the status of the case.