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As the saying always goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Although it would be a great option to make something out of those lemons and more lemons but I am not talking about the top recipe on how to make the perfect lemonade. That may be already a good recipe in itself but in this article, you will be glad to know some of a few lemony secrets that will greatly benefit your kitchen and aid you in making your house cleaning duties easier.

The fact that lemons can be found in every household, it only serves a greater purpose for your home. Other than lemons being a constant ingredient for cooking, it is also popularly used as a cleaning ingredient. Here are five ways lemon proved to be a perfect DIY cleaning solution.


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1. All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

This is one of the famous cleaning recipes that involves the use of lemon peels. Instead of throwing away those lemon peels, you can actually have another use for them. So first off, you will need to place all those lemon peels in one large mason jar until it’s filled at least by half. And then you will need to fill it up to the brim with distilled white vinegar. You will need for this solution to settle for at least a couple of weeks. By estimate, in two weeks this lemon solution will be ready. You will have to then strain and transfer the liquid vinegar (infused with the citrus and scent of the lemon) into a large spray bottle.

2. Lemon Juice Carpet Cleaner

Lemon juice is quite often used as an ingredient for carpet cleaning in Geelong. In fact, you can pre-treat any carpet stains with a little mixture of water and vinegar. But do make sure that water and vinegars have the same exact amount before you mix them and then add lemon juice and a little bit of kosher salt. For dark colored carpets, it would be advisable to test this carpet cleaning solution first.

3. Citric Furniture Polish

Lemons can also be used for polishing stainless steel furniture. Their acidity and citric juice is quite effective in removing the stains as well as the rustic color on every stainless steel sinks and faucets. You can also use lemons for scrubbing off those darkened to black remains on your kitchen tiles. All you need to do to remove those rustic stains off of all your metallic furniture is to slice some lemons into halves and apply a lot of kosher salt on the lemon side (enough that it covers the most part of the lemon) and use it to scrub off the stains.


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4. Lemon Basil Cleaning Spray

Essential oils like lemon and basil are popularly used in terms of making a cleaning spray since essential oils are used to also freshen up the air. One trick that you can also do is spraying you’re shower walls with a little lemon oil and basil oil mixed with water. This is a natural cleaning spray that you can easily make at home since this cleaning agent only has four ingredients you can use. For the exact cleaning recipe, you will need 2 cups of filtered water and 1 cup of distilled white vinegar. You’ll have to mix them in a large bowl then you may add at least twenty drops of lemon essential oil plus fifteen drops of basil essential oil. This cleaning spray really works well when used on stainless steel counters and other flat surfaces in your home

5. One Ingredient Microwave Cleaner

This is actually not a cleaning recipe but a cleaning hack for your microwave which is really easy to remember. You will only need one ingredient for this which is (surprise, surprise!) – Lemons. Follow this set of instructions. One, slice some lemons into halves and squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl of water (that is big enough but it would still fit your microwave, of course). Two, when you have the water with lemon juice ready, place each lemons face up in the bowl. Thirdly, turn your microwave on and let the water boil for three to five minutes. Let your microwave sit for fifteen to thirty minutes before you wipe it clean.