When a group of people come together for a good reason, wonderful things happen. People power is a great way to make changes in your neighbourhood. It also gives you a warm feeling of satisfaction. How active are you in the local community? Do you get together with the neighbours and discuss improvements and alterations? Perhaps it’s time to make a difference. We recently took the time to get involved in our community, and we’ve made some real improvements. Here are just a few ways you’ll benefit from a more active approach.


Improve the aesthetics of your area

Did you know that, as residents, you have a say over the aesthetics of your local neighbourhood? For example, you can petition for better quality roads through your village. You can get together and demand that hedges and plants be grown and maintained. You can even influence the style of power poles and street lighting in your area. A good community takes pride in its surroundings. After all, you’ll spend years in that area, why wouldn’t you take steps to beautify it?

Safety and security

One of the major benefits of a local community is that everyone looks out for each other. When you know all the neighbours, it’s much easier to spot suspicious behaviour. Your neighbours will help watch your house while you’re away on holiday. They’ll raise the alarm if unidentified people are lurking around the area. You can even get together at weekly intervals to discuss any security concerns or vandalism. Everyone benefits when we take a communal approach to safety and security.

Put pressure on local government

Your local government controls everything from parking to trash collection to schools and libraries. It’s only natural that you should want to exert some influence over these decisions. After all, any issues relating to the local school will directly affect your children. As a community, you can attend parish meetings and discussion forums. You can circulate a petition and pressure the local government for change. Without this pressure, decisions will be made without your consent.


Improve the desirability and value of your neighbourhood

We’ve already talked about improving the aesthetics of the community. You can improve the look of your home, and the area in general. But, that’s just one aspect of desirability. Sure, when the neighbourhood looks more appealing, house prices go up. That reason alone is enough to convince you to make an effort. However, it’s about more than that. A strong community is a desirable factor in itself. Potential buyers love to know that the neighbours are friendly and look out for each other. That pushes up house values across the board.

Increase your social circle

We all need a strong circle of friends. You need people to laugh with and confide in. Social events help your break up the week, and distract you from work. The immediate community is a great place to find new friends and acquaintances. You’ll find friends right on your doorstep!

There are so many great reasons to get involved in the community. Get to know your neighbours, and make a difference.