Being a mother is not as easy as it sounds especially of the transition which can be a challenge for most women. But you’d be happy to know that entering motherhood (however nerve-wracking it may be) is full of excitement and great perks. Between all the baby food smudged on your face and the bed wetting, there are awesome perks to being a mother and that makes it all the worth.

Here are some of the perks being a first time mom can expect.


Everyone is Friendly

Most times you’ll find great people in your neighborhood treating you differently but in a good way. At times, people will almost immediately offer in helping you out even in the smallest of ways that you can do by yourself. This is just one of the most amazing perks you can have when you are pregnant and you’ll find yourself appreciating the gesture.

Eat, Eat and Eat

Eat as much as you can but within reason. So, eat as much healthy food that your growing baby can get the best sustenance it needs because you are already eating not just for you but for your baby as well. You don’t have to worry about gaining some weight because that is just a natural progression in your pregnancy which is a beautiful thing.

Parking is for FREE

Here’s a perk that pregnant ladies can all enjoy and will all the grocery shopping that needs to be done this is actually quite a life saver. Mothers can have their own parking spot just for them and it is usually located near the entrance doors’ sides or right in front of the store. No need to worry on taking the long walk to get to your parked car. You need to take advantage of this perk since it saves time and stress for your body.

Almost every time is Nap Time

You have every reason to take a rest after giving birth to beautiful angel/s. And most doctors would encourage for you to sleep as long as you want. Of course you’ll have to get up some time when your baby/s calls for you through their laughs and cries. But you can always accompany them to take a nap as well and on the plus side, you are never lonely.

Being a Kid Again

One of the most eventful experiences of being a mom is that you get to re-experience your childhood! But not in a sense of growing back in age but more of understanding all the things you were not aware of when you were young. You can also enjoy studying and refreshing your knowledge on things when you try to explain situations that your kid/s doesn’t understand and you would be left to wonder on your own about the things that constantly bug you when you were a young lass. Getting hit by nostalgia is one of the best kind of familiarity when being a mom and you get to experience that with your angel/s.

Understanding Your Own Mom

Even if you do not know the answer to most of the questions that your child asks you, it’s okay. But it does shed light on the fact that your own mom may have had trouble explaining things to you back then which makes you realize a lot of things that being a mother holds a lot of patience for how difficult it is in guiding your kid/s in a better light. With the experiences you’re having, you’d appreciate all the things your own mom did for you back then like giving you medicine for cough and cold and taking utmost care of you when you have the flu. And when you encounter difficulties with your kid, you can always ask you mom for advice because – Mother knows best!

These are just some of the things to expect for all of you first time moms that will have you looking forward to more mini-yous running around the house! Being a mom is the best!