The summer is here and the time is just perfect to invite friends for some awesome time together outdoors. If you have a backyard, you have the perfect place. All you need is some nice light, some good music and excellent food. Here are some very useful ideas about the outdoor menu because you need to make sure that the food is delicious but also suitable to the outdoor conditions. It only takes a little bit of thinking and planning ahead. Here are some menus that you can copy or simply adjust to your wishes and needs.


food stuff.minYou cannot go wrong with the classics. A good old barbecue in the backyard is something that everybody will like. Make sure you have the right size of the barbecue and that you have the meat for everybody. Also you can have some mushrooms and vegetables to be grilled for your vegetarian friends. Barbecue is always great with beer.


This is where you can really go wild. You will need a ton of little tortillas, vegetables sliced in bars or sticks that can be dipped into some of those amazing dips that you can make. Some of the great ideas are: baked eggplant, mashed with some olive oil, garlic and vinegar. Sour cream with some dried, ground hot pepper in it, humus and the like. There are many available recipes online, but be aware of the weather if you are about to serve these because they should not be out of the fridge for too long if the temperature is really high.

Little Bites

Being outdoors means that there will be some dirt. So, if you don’t want your guests to keep going in to wash their hands, make some little bites that can be taken by the toothpick and eaten in one bite. These don’t have to be something fancy. You can use crackers and combine them with olives, Gouda or some other type of hard cheese, pieces of ham or bacon and some vegetable like tomatoes, cucumbers and the like. Also, have some for the vegetarians and the lactose intolerant. Depending on the type of the bites you are making, you can decide on the drinks that go best with them.


You always have some people who have the sweet tooth and their meal cannot be imagined without something sweet in the end. Therefore, a good idea is to simply make a candy buffet with jars and bowls filled with different kinds of candy and let people choose and serve themselves. It is far more practical than to share a cake while outside and far less messy. You can have much fun decorating those bowls.

When it comes to outdoors parties, try to make things simple and to use food that is not easily spoiled because there may be some weather conditions that can ruin everything for you. Also, keep in mind the foods that cause allergies and offer vegetarian option at all times.

Sophie is a blogger, she’s contributor for news section at Big Lolly. Surrounded by candies, she’s became fan of colorful sweets and cookies. Sophie spends a lot of time in kitchen, exploring new recipes. She also enjoy in decorating food and home. At the end of the day, she loves to sit down, write and share her everyday experience.