We all know eBay and we highly respect what the San Jose-based company achieved since it was founded 1995. With almost 10 billion dollars in revenues, eBay is without a doubt the number one market place for online auctions. It’s possible to sell pretty much everything on eBay from a hand-knitted pullover over smartphones or jewelry to a Ferrari sports car. For a great variety of merchandise eBay is the very best way to sell. Consignment stores, selling apps, online buyers or even Craigslist offer also great and lucrative ways to sell unwanted or unneeded things.

Fine Jewelry, Watches & Luxury Accessories:

There are great niche-companies specialized in certain products offering even better deals than eBay. Places like reDollar.com or Sell-Rings.com, for instance, buys any types of rings and because they only buy rings, their deals are unbeatable. They know exactly what they are looking for and they also have a long list of collectors just waiting to buy the rings you sell for a really good price. They don’t have a big variety of items they buy and they also don’t have a huge facility like other online retailers. Their strength and specialty is buying rings – gold rings, diamond rings, class rings, antique rings, silver rings, platinum rings, engagement rings and any type of other rings. They focus on what they do best. It’s like being the best Sushi place in town – they also don’t serve Burgers because they can do Sushi like nobody else.
So, if you want to sell a certain product, search for a company specialized in nothing else than that. They usually offer the best conditions to sell as their experts have tremendous knowledge in one specific profession and not only insufficient half-knowledge. That is also the reason why pawn shops have a bad reputation. You walk in and you are welcome to offer whatever you want – drills, bicycles, guns, jewelry, antiques, drones, music instruments, paintings or even a car. How can somebody be an expert with music instruments, cars and jewelry at the same time? That cannot work. So one of the reasons why people don’t like pawn shops is the insufficient knowledge resulting in very low prices.

Apps for Selling Fashion, Handbags & Designer Jewelry:

There are some apps around where people are invited to join a network for selling and buying their items. You can sign-up with your ZIP code and the app is showing the available offers close to your location. You can expand your search-radius if you are willing to travel as you need to go and pick-up the item you have chosen. Those apps are great as you buy in your community, you can negotiate the price at the scene, and you have the chance to test and see the product before you finally make the deal. It’s also beneficial for selling fragile, very heavy or oversized stuff.

Especially selling fashion is critical as the smell, the condition and the signs of wear matter most. If you are about to buy a lawnmower, a scratch here or there is fine but do you like scratches on a designer purse? Probably not.

Besides eBay, selling-apps are without doubt great options and the conclusion is simple – there is not THE PERFECT selling place around. You need to look for various places to sell different types of merchandise.

Craigslist – No Selling Fees & Sell Everything:

It’s for a good reason that Americans LOVE Craigslist. Craigslist was founded 1995 and is owned by eBay. Although eBay is a very modern E-Commerce company, they never made really significant changes to Craigslist. They even did not change the logo or the design at all. Why should they? Craigslist is still one of the most important marketplaces and with revenues of over half a billion dollar a significant player. Craig Newmark, Craigslist’s founder, is still the company’s co-owner and a leading figure in the company. Once he said “Never touch a running system”, and his success is justifying his smart business decisions.
There is no fee for listing on Craigslist and there is also no selling-commission. The company only makes profit with paid job postings and apartment listings in certain cities. Listing is as simple as it has always been with no complicated registration processes. Put up a description, describe the item and upload photos. That’s everything to publish your add and start selling.

Some people are afraid of selling via Craigslist as they could probably meet strangers for making the deal but meeting in a library, near a police station or in any public area where many people are around are safe places. Most people love it and almost nobody hates it – Craigslist, Americas best place to get seller and buyers connected, easily and fast.

Sell Everything Online:

It’s doubtless a new trend that people love to sell everything online instead of comparing commercial buyers by walking from store to store. It’s convenient and especially if money is not needed right away, sellers are willing to wait some days more for getting the transaction done. There is no need to carry the merchandise around, there is no need to stick in traffic and there is no fear of getting ripped-off by a greedy business. Selling online usually means keeping control of the transaction if dealing with a reliable company. Trustworthy buyers will work very close with their sellers to make sure that the selling experience is great and the transaction can be closed without a hassle. Always compare reviews and make a quick investigation before you decide to sell. The time is worth it.