You are not alone in trying to achieve smooth, flawless skin. Not being able to visit an esthetician or dermatologist for one reason or another means that you will need to excel at home skin care. One of the most frustrating skin problems is blackheads. Luckily, there are great blackhead tools that will help you achieve a flawless look from the comfort of your home. One of those tools is Dermapore by Dermaflash, a miracle home blackhead removal device that also extracts dirt and oil while infusing your favorite serum into your skin.

How Does Dermapore Work as a Blackhead Tool?

Dermapore is one of the simplest blackhead tools that you will ever use. As you know, simplicity is always best when it comes to beauty tools. You don’t need any experience to use Dermapore correctly. Beginners, this tool is for you!

Dermapore uses ultrasonic vibrations to extract unwanted particles from your skin. Simply turn the device on, and glide the spatula over your skin. Dermapore does the rest. It also has a second setting for infusing a serum or moisturizer into your skin after you have removed the impurities.

Why Choose Dermapore?

Sure, there are other blackhead tools on the market, but Dermapore comes from Dermaflash, a brand that has been proven and established in the beauty industry as dependable and highly effective. Even celebrities and celebrity makeup artists swear by Dermaflash’s products. Celebrities that use Dermaflash’s products include Lizzo, Judith Light, Janelle Monae, Rebel Wilson, Issa Rae, and Renee Zellweger. These celebrities always look red carpet ready after using Dermaflash’s products. The great news is that the products are affordable, so you can get the same results at home on a regular person’s salary.

Dermapore Is a Dermaplaning Tool

By now, most beauty mavens have heard of and tried out dermaplaning, a popular procedure usually done at med spas. Even if you are not a maven, you may have heard of it. In case you haven’t, dermaplaning is the process of using a blade like a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin layers and impurities from your skin. From this definition, it is easy to see why Dermapore is a type of dermaplaning tool.

Dermapore’s focus is blackhead removal rather than full dermaplaning, so it makes the perfect blackhead tool. However, it can still make your skin look amazing. After all, a big part of improving the look of your skin is thoroughly cleaning it, and Dermapore excels at that.

The Genius Behind Dermapore

Dara Levy is the founder of Dermaflash. As a veteran in the med spa industry, she sought to expand her business. She essentially carved out a new niche in the beauty industry – at-home dermaplaning. Since Dermaflash hit the market and Dermapore came as a follow-up tool, Levy has taken her place as one of the most innovative inventors and entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. She continues to use her platform to uplift women and build her brand.

Dermapore is a revolutionary product that has improved the results of home skin care dramatically. It is one of the most effective blackhead tools on the market, and its popularity proves it. In fact, it has even become a favorite of dermatologists and skin care professionals because it’s so easy to see its effectiveness. Plus, it’s super affordable. At a time when home skin care seems to be the most desired option, it makes sense to invest in a Dermapore tool.