Those engaged in the war against weight-gain may have a new ally to call on. Scientists have developed a new hunger suppressing powder, which can be added to yoghurts and smoothies. The new ‘anti-hunger’ powder contains a modified version of an existing food additive. The powder turns into a gel once it’s in the stomach and could help people shed those pesky pounds by making them feel fuller than they should after eating a small amount of food.

The German company pioneering the product, Dow Wolff Cellulosics, worked extensively with a large number of volunteers. They were fed two meals, two hours apart and they discovered that the volunteers who ate the additive during Meal 1 would eat 13% less calories in Meal 2, compared to those who hadn’t.

Further trails are being scheduled to focus on the specific value of the additive to dieters, but it’s already looking likely that the traditional weight-loss range of milkshakes, smoothies and yoghurts will add this new additive to its ingredients.SATISFIT-LTG: A Food Additive To Lose Weight

The new food additive has been given the catchy name SATISFIT-LTG. The ingredient is a modified version of another food additive, methyl cellulose, which has been used in ready meals, baked items and various other products for half a century.


Methyl cellulose is a white powder, commonly used as a binding agent. It dissolves easily in cold water and turns into a gelatine-like substance when heated. These properties means the additive is extremely useful for keeping food together, while providing it with a more attractive texture.

In its original form, the additive also passed through the body very quickly, but when converted to SATISFIT-LTG, it forms a gel at a lower temperature. Once inside the human stomach, the powder turns to a gel, meaning it stays in the stomach longer, which produces the feeling of being full.

The high amounts of the population battling with obesity and weight-gain is commonly put down to the modern lifestyle. As the world develops we have to do less and less, but food is always available. Most jobs require the employee to sit at a computer for hours on end, so we often spend an entire day in the same chair, snacking as we go.

Along with regular exercise, dieticians warn of the dangers of constant snacking throughout the day. Reducing meal-sizes and the need to eat between them is a sure fire way to lose weight.

Easier said than done, but, if SATISFIT-LTG can reduce appetite levels, we may finally be able to win the war against our weight.

Shirley Monkton works for as a design engineer, and helps out creating machinery for the industrial food production industry.