If you want to have the perfect wardrobe, there are some important items you should invest in so that you’ll always have them in your closet. These are the kinds of items that can come in handy when you’re putting different outfits together for a casual day or a day where you’d like to get dressed up to look your best. There are quite a few pieces that are worth having in your closet because you never know when you’re going to want to wear them. Whether you’re going to a summer barbeque with a dress or to the races with a posh race day hat, read on to find the must-have accessories.

The Basic White Tee

Although it may seem plain, it’s a t-shirt you can wear with lots of different garments. Because it’s white, it’ll match with anything, such as a maxi skirt, pencil skirt, skinny jeans, or even a pair of leggings. If you don’t own a basic white tee, now is the time to get one.

The Denim Vest or Jacket

Because the weather is warm during the summer, you may not need a denim jacket, but that is when the denim vest comes in handy. Pairing a denim vest or jacket with leggings, jeans, or even some of your dresses is a simple and easy way to add something extra to each of your outfits.

Classic White Button-Up

Aside from having a basic white t-shirt in your closet, you should get a class white button-up to wear with some of your different clothing items, including your skirts and your pants. It’s a great way to look a bit more sophisticated and elegant wherever you choose to go. The bright white colour will look great with your summer glow.

The Extended Shirt Dress

A shirt dress looks like a shirt but it’s longer, so you can wear it outside without looking crazy. Shirt dresses are known for being comfortable and simple. You can wear them when you’re headed out the door, whether you’re planning on a day of shopping, going out to eat, or even going to the movies.

The Modest Midi Skirt

Don’t forget to include a midi skirt to your summer wardrobe. It’s a bit more modest than a mini skirt, making it the perfect skirt to wear when you’re on an outing with the children and want to stay cool. These skirts are loose fitting, comfortable, and stylish.

Fresh White Tennis Shoes

Get a pair of all white tennis shoes to wear with some of your favourite outfits. These shoes would go with leggings, sweatpants, and may even look right with certain dresses and skirts.

Large Beach Hat

Keep your hair and face protected from the sun while continuing to look stylish with a large beach hat. These hats block the sun from beating on your face and head and often match with different dresses and outfits, including bathing suits and bathing suit covers that you may choose to wear while out on the beach.
White Jeggings

Get a pair of bright, white jeggings to wear with tunics, blouses, and even basic t-shirts. The white shade is much brighter and will match with all those perfect summer shades. The jeggings will look good with different shoes, such as wedges, flats, or even stilettos.

Flattering Sunglasses

Purchase a pair of sunglasses that flatter the shape of your face. Try on a few different styles to see what you like and dislike. There are plenty of options, including aviators and oversized sunglasses that provide plenty of protection against the sun.

The Oversized T-Shirt

An oversized t-shirt makes for the perfect simple dress to wear during the summer months. It’s something that you may want to wear with sandals, flats, stilettos, or even your favourite knee-high boots.

Classic One-Piece Swimsuit

Find a stylish, beautiful one-piece swimsuit that you can wear on the beach. Along with wearing it on the beach, you may be able to throw on some jeans and wear it as a bodysuit while out on the town with friends.