Chandigarh, otherwise called The City Beautiful is the first, most well planned city of the post-Independence India. While it has various spots to see and a significant number of exercises to enjoy, the city also can amuse even the tiny tots to satiety. So in case you’re searching for an approach to keep your little brats entertained and amused, there are some really intriguing spots to visit in Chandigarh that will enchant the children. Excited?

Travelling by road by a Delhi to Chandigarh taxi can not only be taxing affair for you, but even worse for your little one. These fuzzy balls of energy definitely need a medium or an alternative which can channelize their energy in the right track, giving them enough insight, while keeping them amused. So here’s a list of some of the most famous sites in Chandigarh that are ideal for a baby’s day out!

1. International Dolls’ Museum

The International Dolls Museum showcases dolls and mannequins from around the world with some 25 nations contributing to the museum’s enchanting collection. The museum can be located in Sector 23, and you may use the Bal Bhavan, right next to it, as the landmark to reach this place. Inside the museum, there is an amazing accumulation of dolls with around 250 specimens, ranging from Indian tribes’ and brides’ dolls, to some important characters from Indian mythology and fables. If that is insufficient for your little angel, then take them to the electronic toy train outside the museum premises to add stars to the experience.

2.Rock Garden

A fantasyland made out of modern waste, Rock Garden in Chandigarh has an aesthetic quality. Outlined and set up on a conserved land, the Rock Garden is a gift to Chandigarh by the craftsman Nek Chand, who started with this intriguing craftsmanship in 1957 in secrecy, until two decades before someone found its presence. The a great many figures that stand here today, are totally made of waste material that Nek Chand gathered throughout the years. It is one of the most sought after sites in Chandigarh and is a landmark of the city, famous throughout the country.

3. Sukhna Lake

This artificially made water body is a mainstream vacationer spot in Chandigarh, where you can go paddling or just lose yourself in the stunning scenes around, with a walk around its promenade. Families with children are ensured to have a decent time in the encompassing greenery enclosures and play area. The lake likewise pulls in transient winged creatures, for example, Siberian cranes and storks amid the winter months.

4. Thunder Zone Amusement Park

Set up in 2002, the recreation center offers a huge number of energizing rides along with four water pools furnished with water slides, waves and other fun stuff. Pick between 12 exciting alternatives that incorporate amusement carts, a toy train, swinging seats and even a sculling club. The best part is, there’s sufficient to involve even the grown-ups, making it an ideal spot for a family excursion. There’s also a food court on the premises with a decent scope of fast food that the children will love to dig in.