There are many devices and equipments used in the industries which look simple, but play a huge role in different activities. For various instruments, particularly with heavy machineries, the industries need to be sure about the safety of the machines as well as the operators. A small error can lead to an accident with unbelievable consequences. To avoid such a situation, the experts in this field try to come up with various tools and techniques that can enhance the utility of the machines and at the same time assure the safety of the users also.

There is probably no machine in heavy industries where a cable joint of the high tension line is not used. The cable needs to be joined with various machines in such a manner that it does not come out all of a sudden and hence need such a device that can firmly hold the cable as well as the joint. The mechanical shear head lugs perform this duty perfectly and hence in a number of industries, and at a number of devices, one can see their utility for joining cable to the device. There are some reasons why they are so much used and popular among the users.


The shear head lug:

The lugs are used to have a perfect joint. It is covered with the help of a covering which can be made of aluminum or copper. Once the cable is attached to the lug, it is fixed with the help of bolts fixed on the upper side. To have a permanent joint once the bolts are tightened, they are sheared so that in any case the joint cannot be moved away and the cable cannot come out of the lug. Hence the shear head lugs can be a perfect option to have a quality joint of cable to another device.

There are usually aluminum and copper lugs only used in the medium to heavy industries. The reason behind it is the fixing of the bolt and the strength of the material that can help the joint to have it is as it is for a long term. The fixing of the cable is also much easy and simple.

How to get the lugs?

In the open market, one can easily get the aluminum as well as copper lugs. One can check the size of the lugs, which can be decided as per the size of the cable and check if the same size is available in the open market or not. In the case of non-availability of the same in the open market or else he can check the same on the online platform also. There are lots of stores in the online platform that sell these lugs that can prove much helpful to numerous industries. These lugs are the best example of easy cable joint with devices and that too with required safety of the users.

Hence, to get mechanical devices that are used in the industries is also easy to get due to the expansion of the technology.