If you want to stay healthy, don’t ever ignore your dental health. Studies have established a link between your oral hygiene and dental health, confirming in the process how not caring for dental health could pose various health problems. Several studies have suggested a direct relation between gum disease and heart issues. As per them, the bacteria responsible for gum problems can enter the bloodstream, reach different body organs and cause health concerns. So, your heart will be at a greater risk of disease when you have periodontal disease which goes untreated for months on end. Any top dentist Greenpoint can confirm this easily.

Gum inflammation is something you should not ever ignore else it could lead to as potential a problem as stroke. This happens due to the clogging of the arteries and veins in the body to disturb the natural blood pressure. Similarly, studies have also proven how diabetics are more prone to gum diseases, or how people with gum problems are more likely to get struck by diabetes than the rest. The infection caused by the bacteria is supposed to affect the blood glucose functioning in the body and leads to more chances of diabetes, age and sex no bar.

In the same way, people with gum problems are more likely to suffer from lung infections as the bacteria in them are more and they are thus more infection prone. The same bacteria can enter their respiratory tracts or people who have gum diseases are more prone to inhaling germs, so the risk of lung infections will always be more. Several studies have also confirmed how gum disease during pregnancy can lead to gestational diabetes, and even can increase chances or pre-term delivery. Such women are also likely to experience low-birth-baby delivery, which shows much harmful gum disease could be during pregnancy.

Further, poor oral hygiene accompanied with lack or tongue cleaning due lead to bad tongue health characterized by tons of terms on the surface. When tongue is not cleaned properly and regularly, it allows built-up of bacteria on the surface which can lead of bad breath and may also affect the sense of taste. If the tongue cleaning is not in your regular oral hygiene routine, your tongue may turn yellow or greying or black and make your taste sour. Worst still, poor oral habit could even lead to an increased risk of oral cancer.

It’s quite clearly how your health is also determined by your dental health and how lack of oral hygiene could pose a whole array of health risks to you. It’s therefore important to consult the dentist regularly, get dental check-up on time and stay on top of your dental health. Not doing the same could put your health at risk which you would never want for sure. So, if you don’t take oral care seriously, get up now and sense the problem that may be brewing inside. Make sure you consult dentist Greenpoint regularly and be sure about the health of your teeth and gums.