A beautiful yard of artificial grass is a goal post for every busy homemaker. It needs quite less maintenance than that of a natural grass yard. Its increasing popularity is fueling its demand too. While buying or placing a demand for artificial turf, a billion-dollar question everyone raises is how long will it last. Well, the lifecycle of artificial turf exclusively depends upon its purpose of installation or its use.

Artificial turf is used for many purposes. It can make your backyard or front-yard look green and fresh. It is also used in kindergarten and playhouses for kids to play around without getting hurt. A huge sports field can also have synthetic turf to play games like soccer, rugby, golf, cricket, paddle tennis, etc.

Let’s know more about the useful life of artificial grass.

The lifespan of artificial turf – based on its purpose

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer installing artificial turf is that it reduces the amount of yard work. No more seeding and weeding when you have synthetic turf. And hence, it is a must that we understand the average lifespan of artificial turf and how best can we attain that with our delicate use.

The lifespan of synthetic turf in Sports grounds

The lifespan of synthetic turf in sports ground depends on the frequency and intensity of the use. In these cases, we can speak of an average life span of ten years. Depending upon the maintenance and as much care you take, you can expect more durability. However, on average, you can preserve your artificial sports lawn for nearly 10 years.

The lifespan of synthetic turf in Domestic grounds

Unlike the Sports fields, your domestic fields and grounds do not require special care and maintenance. Without machinery or specialized experts, you alone can manage its maintenance. Applying cleaning products for artificial turf is sufficient to clear regular stains. Also, you can brush the blades of turf to maintain its smoothness and give your lawn a splendid fresh look. Here, we can expect nearly 15-20 years of lifespan of your artificial turf.

Domestic grounds

The lifespan of synthetic turf in Garden grounds

Garden turf has a little more lifespan than the sports field and little less than the domestic ground. Here, the useful life of your installed artificial grass can be anywhere in between 12 to 15 years. These types of lawns do not require a specific cleaning, it is not necessary to wash it with soap. We recommend watering only by removing the dust that can settle on stems or fibers.

Concerns on which the lifespan of artificial turf is dependent:

The most practical applications of artificial lawns are for gardens, swimming pools, terraces, and lofts. The lifespan of artificial turf depends upon its maintenance and use.

There are other several parameters too which can impact it.

  • The design: it is normally designed and guaranteed to resist UV rays effect.
  • Use of chlorine in water: if your swimming pool water has a considerable more amount of chlorine, it can discolor your lawn.
  • Pets: artificial grass is usually safe for pets and their urine does not impact its quality or durability but you have to clean with water and bleach it on a regular basis to remove their pee and poo. Also, brush the grass to remove the hairs they can leave.

A Word of Caution

We are confident that by following these tips and guidance, you will always have a lawn like it was installed on the first day. These days, the lifespan of artificial turf is far better and more durable. A high-quality artificial grass for sure lasts much longer than your anticipation and normal useful life. Most turf providers provide warranties of their grass and related services extending past 10 years. As you would know, synthetic turf is made of nylon and polypropylene. These materials allow them to be resilient against heavy foot traffic and other activities. Always avoid cheaper grass and prefer buying high-quality turf to extend its normal lifespan.