There are thousands of people who get the opportunity to enjoy different types of stakes in today’s society; however, there is a certain legacy and history of steak and Mexican cuisines that is becoming a more popular trend. The ability to use a steak and a wide range of dishes give a tasteful yet dominating feature to each plate that is presented on the table.

Legacy Of Steak In Mexican Cuisines

Looking back into the history and the legacy of steak that has been establishing in Mexican cuisines, a known time where the steak was one of the most important plunderers of the world was right after the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

However, Wikipedia explains, “Mexican cuisine began about 9,000 years ago, when agricultural communities such as the Maya formed, domesticating maize, creating the standard process of corn nixtamalization, and establishing their foodways. Successive waves of other Mesoamerican groups brought with them their own cooking methods.”

This goes to show that not only the Hispanic cultures were capable of using steak as an ingredient in some of their dishes but also presented as a main dish within dining cuisines. When was the last steak chimichanga that you ate? Or have you recently tried to incorporate a different type of Spanish or Mexican cuisine into your dinner plans?

Rewards Network shares insights about the Mexican cuisine, “It’s also a cuisine that uses a lot of the same ingredients (tortillas, meat, salsa, rice, etc.) repeatedly with different preparations and variations on presentation.” Therefore consider multiple different types of dishes that you can prepare to be part of the steak legacy in Mexican cuisine. Therefore take a look and see how to cook a steak properly so you can incorporate it into your next Mexican cuisine.

Recipe Ideas Of Dishes That Can Be Prepared With Steak

If you’re looking to get an authentic and Latin style flavour incorporate into your food, introduce steak as one of the ingredients. Steak has the ability to soak up other additional flavours that are well known in the Mexican cuisines like cilantro and chillies to add a particularly unique and mouthwatering taste to each plate.

Grilled Skirt Steak: This is also known as Carne Asada. This is made with a special marinade that has olive oil, lime juice, cilantro, chilli powder, and salt depending on the recipe followed. But make sure to get your steak cooked accurately before starting the recipe. Some inspiring ideal recipes can be found on Downshiftology & Simply Recipe.

Pozole: By substituting steak instead of pork or chicken, you can have a delectable meal on your hands. Most of the recipes found include onions, garlic cloves, ancho chillies and cubed cooked steak. You can find a few good recipes on Taste Of Home & NYT.

Steak Chalupa: This dish, if properly cooked and timed right, can be a treat that many people will enjoy over and over again. If has a crunch and flavorful taste, that gets people to crave for more. Adding in the lettuce and shredded cooked steak that is seasoned right will be a great touch to a creative dinner for a Mexican Cuisine. You can find a few recipes to follow on Genius Kitchen & Food Network.

All of these are rather intricate and simple to make if the steak is accurately cooked. In addition, it also can bring an interesting touch of flavour to your dinner table for your guests.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion understanding, the legacy and history of steak and Mexican cuisine can make or break your dinner table. By familiarizing yourself with the culture and legacy steak in Mexican cuisine a can enhance your knowledge and skills on how to prepare the proper dishes with the state in the cuisine itself to enhance the flavours and maximize on the benefits that it can give you and your family.