The Internet of Things (IoT) is shaking up business across all industries. While consumers rapidly adopt this technology from their watches to their refrigerators, businesses are taking a more project and finance focused approach to the application of IoT. When it comes to construction sites, the IoT is making work cheaper, faster, and safer. Although weather has always been a concern for construction sites, companies like Powerblanket have created technology that accounts for temperature and uses the IoT to ensure your project stays on schedule, regardless of what the thermometer reads. Imagine the progress that could be made on constructions sites around the world if companies weren’t dependant on the temperature and weather. Inventions like this can lead to having complete and total control of the timeline and the work being done on almost any concrete project in the construction industry. Here are a few ways the IoT is changing the concrete industry:

Monitor the concrete curing process remotely

Forget those check-ups at the construction site on your day off, industrial heating equipment like concrete blankets that can be monitored and controlled using a mobile app will make your job a breeze. Without the need for near constant monitoring, projects can be finished quicker and be more cost effective. Not to mention the extreme convenience of being able to stay on top of your project from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else you might possibly be.

Thaw the earth

Yup, you read that right. Did you know that the IoT and Powerblanket have provided a way for you to break ground faster? Freezing temperatures are no longer a legitimate reason to wait for your project to begin. With ground thawing heated blankets, Day 1 can happen as soon as you want it to. You’ll eliminate frost, and the difficulty of work that comes with it, and be free to pour a foundation or other concrete project. Then use a concrete blanket to keep the temperature and moisture right on target for a perfect cure.

Cool it all down

iot tool

On the flip side.  If it’s too hot and you need to bring the temperature down, cooling products can help you get the job done quickly. With spray foam, process chillers, fermentation and other options, finding the right IoT tool will help you regulate the temperature of your materials and get the job completed on schedule. When you get to bypass the “normal” wait times connected with weather/temperature you are potentially able to save so much time, money and resources.

Use a Beacon Smart Controller to keep everything set

When you have multiple projects and heating and cooling needs, using a Beacon Smart Controller is an excellent way to leverage the power of the IoT to get the job done. Just think about those commercials you watch that advertise someone being able to control every little thing in their home from their phone or tablet.

Now you can keep track of multiple pieces of equipment, even from different projects, which are all connected through the IoT and accessible from your mobile device. You’ll get real-time reports and alerts on any potential issues. You also get to have the peace of mind being able to know that things are going smoothly without having to be there in person. There’s nothing worse than spending an entire day pouring concrete only to find the project needs to be restarted because you or a project manager didn’t check on the concrete enough. Using a Beacon and the IoT, you’ll avoid costly mistakes and improve the overall flow of your project.

Using IoT technology is a great way to insulate yourself from potential job issues and keep your project running smoothly.  From start to finish you get to be in total control. You get to have realistic and reachable expectations of beginning and end dates for a project. Your employees will appreciate the flexibility it provides them when they are able to better balance their work/home life. You can know exactly what to expect in each stage of your project knowing that you won’t have to start over or take a few steps back in your progress.  Check on your project while you are out to dinner, at your kids soccer game, or even on vacation.

With IoT, you get to be in two places at once. The construction site is always just a couple of taps away on your mobile device, and your peace of mind is worth every penny. With the data the IoT provides, both your data and your concrete will be solid as a rock.