Children that are sleep trained early can fight off obesity, cold and are more successful in school. Scientific studies have also shown that children that are put to sleep early have fewer meltdowns. Most parents have established this non-negotiable routine where children are put to sleep soon for improved growth and development.

The importance of sleeping early for kids

Most parents state that sleeping early helps children to ward off cold faster and most even assert that their kids do not also fall prey to cold thanks to their early sleep routines. Every child needs their daily dose of healthy sleep. The following are the benefits that an early sleep routine gives parents-

  1. Early sleep routine promotes growth- Some parents swear that their child has grown bigger overnight. Growth hormone in a child secretes during sound sleep in the night. Children must spend 50% of their time in a day sleeping, and it is considered adequate for optimal growth. Some researchers in Italy discovered children that have reduced levels of growth hormones are sleepless in the night.
  2. Sleep and heart health– researchers have found that sleep improves the heart health of kids. They are protected from vascular damages especially when stress hormones circulating in the body. Children that do not sleep in the night have brain arousals resulting in the elevation of cortisol. It is linked to diabetes, obesity and if not controlled in time heart disease as well.
  3. Sleep and weight management – Experts in the field of child growth and development from state sleep affects the weight of a child. There is evidence that sleeping less affects the weight of children. With the help of swinging and swaddling, babies can fall into deep sleep. They are less likely to be obese and overweight. The coaching for sleeping early can begin when the child is two weeks old. Experts have studied the growth patterns in such babies, and they have found encouraging results.
  4. Sleep fights off germs– Sound sleep improves the immunity of the child and fights off bacteria. During sleep, both kids and adults create a protein called cytokines. The body relies on this protein to ward off infection, stress, and illness. Besides, warding off illnesses this protein also makes you feel sleepy. So when you have flu or even a cold; you feel very exhausting. If you have little sleep, this affects the volume of cytokines you have in your body. The same rule applies to kids as well. If adults and kids sleep soundly at night, the number of cytokines increases and they can fight off infections better.

Therefore, if you are a parent and have a toddler at home and want him or her to be healthy, ensure you establish an early sleep pattern for him or her. With a healthy sleeping pattern, your child will not become obese, have better immunity to fight off germs and will be a smart kid when he or she starts school.

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