MOT tests are compulsory and obligatory in the UK for all kinds of four wheeler vehicles. It is an important test conducted for the safety of the car drivers and others on the road. This yearly test is done on vehicles that are more than three years old. Every MOT station or garage can conduct an MOT test for your vehicle and give a pass certification (depending on the condition of your vehicle).

During the MOT test, the vehicle is examined thoroughly. MOT test verifies the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, the registration plate numbers, the condition of the lights, steering suspension parts, wiper and washer parts, windscreen, horn, seats, seatbelts, doors, mirrors, fuel components, vehicle structure, wheel tyres, brake, and exhaust emissions. Such a detailed checking helps to identify any kind of minor or major damage in the vehicle and also gives 100% assurance that the vehicle is fit to drive on the UK roads.

MOT station tests are done under the supervision of a local council or government member. The UK rules of MOT test are very strict and if you happen to drive a car without MOT certification record for that year, your car insurance and your tax disc can be cancelled. It is against the UK law to drive a vehicle without proper MOT record. You can confirm the validity of your MOT record through online official website VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency UK). However, an MOT Walton certificate only confirms the car or vehicle’s roadworthiness in a legal way until the next test.

Special Features of MOT Test:

  • First MOT testing is to be ideally conducted after three years from the registration date (for new vehicles)
  • After the first test, MOT has to be repeated on a yearly basis
  • Normally an MOT test takes about an hour or 45 minutes to be completed
  • You can do the test at a certified MOT Station a month prior to the expiry of your current MOT record
  • Most reputed MOT garages are sure to send you a reminder when your yearly MOT is due
  • MOT is not the same as a car service, MOT checks are a legal formality and there is no replacement of old or damaged parts during an MOT test.
  • You can conduct a pre-MOT test at any of the authorised garage, repair shops or petrol stations.
  • Most stations offer free retest, especially for those customers who do yearly four wheeler servicing with them

Getting your car serviced in a local garage or conducting small DIY repairs on your own may help. However, MOT experts recommend getting your care pre-checked in an authorised showroom station or garage so that chances of MOT failures are less.

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