When you buy a car, you would normally have the important accessories which might include the tool box, first aid kit, a mini fire extinguisher, spare tire, a jack and the car manual among others, In most case scenarios, among the first items to disappear from a car is the car manual which is primary reason most second hand cars don’t come with the manuals, because it was long gone year before the first owner even decide to sell the car.

This is a strange trait that people have and a very dangerous one as your car manual actually contains invaluable information about your, its components, safety features and much more.  Cars are not built like they used to be built with 5 switches, a stick shift and a steering flanked by handbrakes. They are more complex and complicated and setting things up like keyless entry, delayed lighting and auto lock systems could be quite overwhelming if you attempted them without the cars manual.

Apart from this, car manuals contain information on how you would be able to maintain the vehicle in optimal condition and this has a long term financial impact as the better kept a vehicle is, the more likely it is to fetch higher prices when you finally decide to sell it.

Tyre pressure, brake fluids, gear oil, engine oil levels, timing belts, everything you need to know is in there and just because you did all these things with your previous car, it does not mean that those same criterions will apply to your new car which comes from a totally different manufacturer.

Apart from that, car workshop manuals also contain information on how to better handle your car related to driving practices. Some car manuals even contain information on how to control your vehicle in tricky situations which could possibly save your life and that of your loved ones.

A little diligence will not hurt, as it will also provide invaluable information on how to troubleshoot common problems which will save you from the fangs of a blood thirsty mechanic. This would come in handy especially when you get stranded on a lonely road miles from nowhere or even a parking lot – that might be deserted! The driver’s manual for your car will also give you other information that may seem trivial, but do you know your vehicle’s dimensions?

If you wanted to repaint your car, the dimensions will matter as it will give you an idea of how much you will be charged for each square inch that paint is going to be sprayed on. Did you know that some car manuals even contain techniques that are seemingly technical in many ways, such as how to open an electronic window manually!

Another funny thing is that cars these days come with many added features that the owners are sometimes completely clueless, this scenario also takes place when ‘never seen before’ indicators come on the dashboard indicating that something is wrong and you do not know what on earth it could mean, this would not be the case if you had the manual. In many cases you can download a car workshop manual for free online.

The manual is an important aspect of your vehicle and the best part is that you do not even have to read it and memorise anything, as it is something that is better to have and not need it than not to have and need it, which in most situations is very unpleasant!