It is crucial for every business owner to realize the worth of a good packaging design if they wish to grow their business. Packaging design is important to grow your business as the first encounter that a prospective customer will have with your products is through it. On a global scale, product manufacturers are estimated to be spending a total of $ 150 billion in the packaging of products. The aim of a good Packaging Design is to make the products appear more attractive, making it easier for customers to consume the product and protecting it from chances of potential damage. If you are a retailer that aims at selling physical products, you can make the worth of your product count with the help of a good packaging design.

Packaging design is one of the major factors that influence the decision of a customer to buy it. Hence, a good packaging design is also sure to change the shopping experience of the customer pleasantly if he/she happens to like the product. A good presentation is a great means of making your products stand out from your competitors. Hence, product packaging is one of the essential aspects of marketing and can also be used to transmit information about the products.

You can estimate the importance of a good packaging design with the help of the following facts:

  • 52% of the consumers return to buy products if they like the packaging.
  • 90% of the consumers use the boxing of the packages once they have utilized the products.
  • 30% rise in the rates of sales if you pay attention to the product’s packaging design.
  • 74% of the customers that are aged between 18-25 years are likely to share the product’s photo on social media if the packaging design attracts them.
  • 40% of the adult consumers would share pictures of the product if they like the product and its packaging.

What purpose does packaging design serve?

A good packaging design makes a consumer want to shop for your products. An interesting packaging design influences

  • Awareness amongst buyers:

The human mind is designed in a way to process and remember things that have something special about them. It would instantly add to your credibility if you are able to capture the attention of a shopper even if briefly. In order to do this, the packaging design has to connect with the emotional expectations of a customer to win over competing goods.

  • Attract buyers:

Attraction is closely linked with awareness. This is one factor that retailer who sells niche products pay special attention to. Instead of focusing on the masses, they work on attracting a specific audience group who can pay the right price for the premium quality of the products that they offer. Take the example of the Smirnoff Caipiroska. The bottles are designed are designed in the same color of the packaging for the flavors of the fruit they come in. Also, one can peel the packaging off. Hence, these bottles are designed to target the consumers of flavored liquor.

  • Transmitting information about the product:

Packaging design is a great means to transmit information about the product amongst the buyers. Information related to the ingredients, product’s weight, nutritional benefits, dates, etc can be communicated through Graphic Designer.

  • Improving product’s utility:

The purpose of the packaging design is not limited to the customer buying the products. It can be stretched beyond consumption. Packaging can be used to enhance customer experience and play a major part in establishing product supremacy. Protecting the product physically, making the user experience more convenient are the common benefits of packaging design.

  • Promoting the product:

Promoting the product is a crucial part of its branding and marketing. Using interesting colors, captions, logos and symbols, the manufacturers can play around with the concept of product packaging. It is important to make your product stands out on the shelves in contrast to its competing counterparts.

The tips shared above are fine examples of innovative product packaging design. Product packaging plays a crucial role in maintaining its success in the long-run. Hence, the more you spend on packaging design of your products, the more recognition and customers they would attract.

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