When growing plants indoors using LED grow lights, the distance between the light and the plant canopy is a careful consideration. Hanging the lights too close to the plants will stunt their growth. Too high of a distance will cause stretching and lanky plants. Grow lights have different light distances that are ideal for indoor growing.  Finding the right range of distances will give the best results for your plants. Note that the right distance for your plants has to be a position that has the right amount of light and power to boost the nutrient action.

The Impact of Different Hanging Heights of LEDs

In an indoor garden, it is important for plants to mimic the natural environments that are conducive for plant growth. This means that the grow light needs to act similar to the sun, which provides the energy for the growth of plants naturally. Although this is a common reason why most growers insist that their space needs a better source of light, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy lights and hang them closer to the plants.

 It just means that you have to make sure the plants receive enough energy to grow properly without the risks of any bad effects. The plants need to receive the perfect amount they need for optimum growth, nothing more or less. For example, let’s consider choosing between HID, T5 fluorescent, and LEDs. Each one of these has their own heat emission qualities, whereas others have a better spectrum of light with proper distance from the grow space.

Some of the best indoor grow lights are Dorm Grow LED lights. These lights come in different wattages. The stronger the light, the more distance is recommended between the light and the plants. Typical distances are 12-36 inches. Keeping the lights in this range will avoid any bleaching effect of having them too close to the plants. When using T5 fluorescent lights, hang them closer to plants than HID, this should help the plants to grow. The distance should be at least 12 inches away from the plants.

The Safest Distance

Although LED grow lights do not actually emit more heat like other grow light options such as HID’s, their light spectrum may be overwhelming for different plant species, especially if the growers keep them too close to the plants. If this happens, the plants will only suffer more from the effects of bleaching, which would have an impact on how the plants take in light and convert it into the energy they require for proper plant growth.

When using G8 LED grow lights, these have focused light spectrums for energy generation, meaning you can hang them a good distance above the plants. If you grow with supplemental lights like 15W-90W, you will have to keep the plants at least 12 inches far away from the plants. The higher the wattage is, the further away it would be from the plants.

  • G8-240: 12-24 inches distance away
  • G8-450: 14-30 inches distance away
  • G8-600: 16-36 inches distance away
  • G8-900: 16-36 inches distance away
  • Flower Booster: 12-36 inches away from the plants

Keep in mind that HID’s require you to hang the lights further away from the plant to avoid damage by the heat they emit. The HID lights are kept at a fixed distance from the plants, whereas the LED Grow lights should be adjusted during the grow. Since the LEDs can be placed much close to the plants, the plants will eventually grow right to them, so the lights should be adjusted up in height as the plants reach towards them. Plants will stretch and try to reach the source of the light. Depending on the amount you want your plant to stretch or grow tall, you can adjust the height of the LED light.