Since there are many big data projects out there right now, it has become difficult to find those big data experts that have the skills needed to complete these projects. What does this information leave all those seeking to complete the big data projects? It leaves them with a high demand for big data experts.


Unfortunately, there is a huge data skills gap when it comes to these projects, but just how in demand are these big data skills? With companies in need of employees with this skill, they are looking for people to train for these positions. Here are a few areas that are part of the big data skills and are in high demand right now.


Data Scientists

Since data scientists are highly specialized, they typically have a background of work and education in either mathematics or statistics. Their specific job is to look at all the big data findings and then convert them into the business intelligence. These people require formal training, which is almost like the training of a data analyst. They must be well-versed in computer science, statistics, math, analytics, and modeling.


The only thing that truly sets them apart from other groups is the ability to communicate these difficult big data findings to the executives in such a way that they are easy to understand, organize, and assess. They should also know how to assess the incoming data from many sources instead of just a single source.


Right now, the demand for these big data scientists is extremely high. In fact, it is the all-time high ever recorded. Many companies are even taking to training their own data scientists to ensure that they have all the mastery and skills needed to get the job done. These data scientists are the key to getting the projects done with the right information, but they follow someone who is skilled in leading them. These people are known as the big data project managers.


Project Managers

The position of project managers is often overlooked in the area of big data skills. However, these managers are vastly important to the big data skills projects. They are the oversight of the entire project, working to ensure that the project goes over smoothly. To be a good project manager in the big data skills sector, one needs to be skilled in various things like planning, educating, selling, and engineering. Their job duties consist of things like managing the workflow, advising on the project, bringing teams together, and assembling the resources needed for the project like looking at the DOD approved software list before getting started.


The big data project managers are in high demand as well, since there are very few out there that truly know how to manage these big data projects. There are many requirements to be a good and skilled big data manager, which is one reason why the positions are so wide open. They are necessary to the completion of the big data projects, and they can help better organize the project as a whole.



The hiring of these skilled professionals in the big data skills sector is important. However, it doesn’t happen as often as it should due to lack of understanding or lack of skill from potential employees. This is why the big data skills positions are sitting wide open right now. They are in high demand both from an educational standpoint and a working standpoint.


Companies are looking to hire these skilled professionals, and colleges are looking to hand out degrees to these people to give them the skills they need for a successful career. Since this area of big data skills is in such high demand, it is possible that we will see a rise in the hiring rate for these positions. However, what we might not see is the number of people qualified for the position right out of college. To combat this, companies are training their newly hired big data skills employees, to help bridge that gap and fill the demand for these positions.