Are you really curious to know or collect information about ‘supernatural’ incidents? Then just open your eyes and know what is happening out of the mysterious world. This is something for all of those travelers who ever are looking for the unexplored and wanting to explore them.

Some of those haunted houses and places are to be listed below:

Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal:

Kurseong, one of the small hill stations in Darjeeling, is a notorious place for disappearances, unexplained murders and also some paranormal occurrences. Above all the most terrifying story of this place is about a ‘headless boy’. Besides being the mountain paradise it is also familiar by the name of “the legend of a headless boy’. Many woodcutters on this place often say that they have seen this boy walking across the road and after sometime disappearing among trees. They also say that many of them have seen the boy chasing the cars.

National Library, Kolkata

Once the National Library which is situated in Kolkata was the residence of former Lieutenant Governor of Bengal.It is heard to be one of the spooky place. Still the footsteps of governor’s wife can be heard still in the hall of the National Library.Even the guards get fear about the night shift but they do not admit it. At the time of renovation of the old block twelve labourers have lost their lives in an accident. It is heard that one student from England also died in an unnatural cause at the time of searching books.

The Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie:

The Lambi Dehar Mines, located near to Mussoorie were once in a active place where 50000 workers were worked. After some years of the rigorous mining the place had to be shut down due to some unexplained deaths. At present this once heavily crowded place stands deserted. Many have lost their way at the time when driving near this hill. Trucks as well as cars unnaturally steer off on road and as a result causes fatal accidents. Recently a chopper had crashed at the time of flying over the very location.The rumour of this haunted place is a witch live in this place along with its tormented souls of the workers.

Dumas Beach, Surat-Gujarat:

Dumas beach which is famous for the black sand as well as mystical activities, located at the Arabian Sea in Gujarat.


Many puzzling as well as unexplained incidents occur such as disappearance of people during night, strange whispers of any person is to be hethat lots of mine workers were diesred.

Besides it is to be heard that many of the lives of the family have lost theirlives by exploring the mysterious beauty.

GP Block-Meerut:

This GP Block is situated in Meerut. It is notoriously familiar for most of the paranormal activities. In spite of being a popular city there is reportedly various strange sighing.

For the people who pass instantly the road are going to see four males sitting together and also enjoying with each other. They are having alcohol and only a candle is burning. Many of the passersby say that one girl comes out from the house.

In addition with there are a lot of witness who have given the same opinion about the spooky night. Many people have seen the girl coming out with a serum. Though people go there to have some happiness.

The list of these haunted houses as well as spooky places is going to help those who are really wishing to meet some of the paranormal activities and to experience them.

Content source from: Ghoststories World