Goa is obviously known for its Konkan coast and the western culture by which it is inspired. If you thought Goa was all about beaches then your whole life has been a lie. You could go to the Basilica of Bom Jesus or to Fort Aguada to witness some architectural masterpieces. If you just want a scenic masterpiece, you could go to Dudhsagar falls. So, Goa is a great mix of Konkani and Portuguese cultures letting you have a gem of a time while you are staying there. If you have plans of touring around in Goa and wondering what to wear, your knight in shining armor is right here. I’ll guide you through some destinations and some styles you could pull off there, allowing you to blend in with the place, yet being able to stand out.

There are so many beaches in Goa which are simply the most versatile, each attracting different kinds of people, providing them with a plethora of experiences. You can find people chilling by the shacks in most of these beaches but the most vibrant ones, where people tend to have more activity, are Baga and Morjim beaches in the northern part of Goa. The others are mostly sedated, calm and peaceful ones, which are mostly found to be less populated when compared to these beaches. I would say it would be a great idea to just chill by the shacks in the calmer beaches, embracing the sunset along the coast and enjoying yourself by the beach at the night with a nice drink in hand and a bonfire along with some friends. My styling advice would be a tube top with skirts or a cut-out dress paired with flats or even flip flops would be great to just have yourself engaged on the beaches. A cut-out dress can be accessorized with matching fishnet stockings, a sun hat and sunglasses to take it up a notch. Embellished fishnet stockings are the new talk of the town.

You can go around shopping at the Anjuna Flea Market or the arpora Saturday Night market for some sun hats or for fancy sunglasses at a very minimal price. They are known for the kind of variety they have for shopping enthusiasts. You can always buy a souvenir, special for you, as a remembrance of your trip to Goa.

Apart from these places, you can go around House-watching exploring the Portuguese-colonised architecture, Fort Aguada – known for its age-old lighthouse, built by the Portuguese, and also the Churches which can sweep you off the feet with their beautiful architecture. You can go around to these looking chic in a padded bralette, paired with cargo shorts or skirts. Another option would be tube tops or this rainbow colored top in the picture below. You can pair the rainbow top with a short to pull off a perfect outfit. Coming to footwear, you should probably stick to the basics like white sneakers, flats and probably, lace-up sandals. Accessorize with a sling bag, fishnet stockings and a pair of sunglasses to be a cut above the rest.

These outfits would be sufficient to pull off some stunning looks, dropping a lot of jaws and to your surprise, if you are alone, you might find some “interesting” people to spend time with. Check out a lot more similar exciting dresses from Kerry Parker on the official website.