Fashion is an aesthetic expression of lifestyle clothing, footwear, accessories over the time. Fashion in true sense is an art and glorifying this at is the motto to pen down to reach the readers of fashion lovers.

Fashion design is the art of designing clothes and accessories that will go perfect with a particular clothing or dressing. Renowned fashion designers have branded cloth wear that goes with the mood of an occasion so perfect as to move the people around. Further to enhance the beauty of clothing, accessories too designed so aesthetically pleasing as to give an amazing and stunning look. Period and lace also have an impact on the designing skills. Cultural and social attitudes too influences a great deal on designing issues.

Fashion designers may work as in-house designers or they may work alone or may join a designer’s team for their work to accomplish. Some designers sell their designs directly to garment manufactures and to shops and put their labels onto the garments to create a brand name of their own. They are highly paid designers and their sincere efforts earn them fame in the fashion world. Some work for individual clients and are self employed. They are designers who work for apparel manufactures. They create designs for men’s, women’s and children’s fashion. Some have design directors to guide them in all sorts of designing works so that the best can come of them.

Charles Frederick Worth was the first fashion designers who started designing clothes probably in the 19th century and was the first to get his label sewn into the garments he designed. This is the period when garment designing flourished and many unemployed showed their skills in reality. Design houses looked for artists who could make sketches of the dress designed. Then these sketches were presented before clients so that they got the idea of accomplished products. And these images were sold very cheap to cover the mass market. Thus sketching out garment design became popular and began as an economy for the mass people of that period. Following this selling their final fashion garments earned them in huge.

Until the 1950 it was such as each garment being designed for a specific client or called or called “haute couture” basis. A couture garment is made for an individual client on order and was usually made for high quality, expensive fabric, designed with extreme efforts. Keeping in mind the design works and quality for a royal look and touch. And such garments are meant to be very prestigious and on occasions where publicity is important.

Ready-to-wear clothes are not made for individual customers but taken care of the choice, quality and cut of the fabric. Cloth manufacturing is just for exclusivity of the manufactures and so they are expensive garments. Fashion weeks are organized to present ready-to-wear collections by fashion houses in each season.

Half way garments are an alternative to ready-to-wear garments. They allow co-designing the garments by keeping their work half-finished and the rest half is left for the customers willing to add designs. This satisfies the customers to a great deal as they themselves put their designing efforts for the garments they buy. The price are kept reasonable as designing skills and efforts are divided into half between designers and customers.

Above discussed is a short history of the fashion designing concepts. Since its inception, it brought innovative ideas for fashion of all folks. It speaks of people’s taste in different eras. Now fashion has become an integral part of our everyday lives. We wouldn’t have an attitude, a presentation or even a publicity to show off without fashion. In fact, the world glitters in fashion and it will continue giving wonders of its creativity.

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