Break-ups can be tough, emotionally-taxing and a time of change and confusion. After spending so much time with someone you click with, it can be difficult to regain your footing and get used to being by yourself. Whether the break-up is due to simply falling out of love or something worse like cheating, there are many ways to cope with a separation from someone you once loved.

Speak to someone you trust

It can feel like you are alone after the break-up. You may start questioning what went wrong, was it your fault, how could you have saved the relationship? However, dwelling on the past can make it worse. It may help to speak to someone you trust and to vent if you need to. Doing so can help you talk through your feelings and let it all out. So, call on your best friends and have a night in, simply relaxing and enjoying good company.

Spend time with family and friends

Likewise, spend more time with family and friends. Relationships can occasionally reduce the amount of time you spend with close friends and family, so this may be a great time to have a catch-up. Not only will this serve as a distraction from any worrying thoughts, but good company always helps to keep you grounded.

Learn to love doing things alone

Humans are creatures of habit, and after spending so much time with someone, it can be difficult to fall back into doing things alone. Learn how to enjoy your company again. It can be as simple as eating outside by yourself, going shopping or even watching a movie. Take up hobbies or pick up ones you may have enjoyed once but for some reason left behind. Doing so can take your mind off things, and who knows, you may just pick up a new passion.

Cherish the memories

Dwelling on the past can be a pitfall. Acknowledge that change is inevitable and if it was a mutual parting, acknowledge that people change and so can their needs in relationships. It is not your fault and be reassured in the memories you’ve gained in the relationship because you know that in those moments, you two were truly in love.

In the case of the crazy ex, on the other hand, there are various ways to approach this. Perhaps try to figure out what they might want and avoid being hostile. If it persists, and you’ve tried all you can, avoid them and resist the urge to meet up.

Know that you will find love again

You will go to new places, do new things and meet new people and who knows, in one of your endeavors you may meet the one. This is by no means the be all and end all of relationships. You will find love again, and you never know, it might just be the best you’ve ever felt.

Falling out of love is natural. As individuals grow, their needs when it comes to love, and relationships can change too. It can be difficult to get back into the single life, but it is by no means impossible. So treasure the memories, and be excited at what might come!