Once upon a time hanging pictures and photos on your walls were nothing short of a time consuming and frustrating task, which often involved a bloody or bruised thumb and holes in the walls. There is nothing worse than lining up your photo or artwork, marking the spot carefully hammering in the picture nail, after measuring and re measuring again and again to find once you have finally hung your artwork it still isn’t straight.

Now you’ve got the point where you have two options, either start again and put more and more holes in the wall or leave it as it is- crooked picture and all, or wrong placement on your wall. Oh! the frustration, the pain, it’s no wonder quite a few of us have given up on hanging any more artwork or still have that crooked picture sitting behind somewhere we never look. After measuring, and measuring, whacking your thumb a few times and spending hours getting frustrated what if I told you there was an easier way with minimal measuring- only one small bit in fact?

That’s where Gallery Systems comes in with their minimally invasive and easy to use, easy to install photo and art hanging systems.

What is an art or photo hanging system?

You’ve probably already come across many art or photo hanging systems and just not realized that these are available for use in your own home or office. If you have ever visited a gallery, art exhibition, government building or university chances are you have seen them in use. Many businesses and organizations across the world use gallery hanging systems for their walls to display exhibitions, documents and artworks.

An art or photo hanging system consists of a track – which is mounted to your wall, this is the only step that involves measuring. The lightweight and easy to install track is often screwed into the wall requiring no other tools other than a screwdriver. For harder walls you may need a small drill hole, but simply line up the track which runs parallel with your cornicing, measure to the length you want and cut. Simply screw into the wall and you are done with the tools! For longer walls Gallery Systems art and photo hanging systems all have the option of purchasing the amount of track you need, giving you the freedom to expand your track at any time.

Once you track is installed you are ready to hang artworks anywhere below the track giving you the freedom to chop and change the placement at any time.

How do your photos or artworks hang?

This is a simple one, Gallery Systems picture and art hanging systems all have the options of different types of hangers and hooks so you can find one to suit your needs and décor. The Hangers simply slip onto the track and hang down- this hanger will slide along the track giving you the freedom to move your artworks along the wall to any point under the track. Once the hangers are clipped on, they are then threaded with a stainless wire or clear tape depending on the system you choose and the look you are after. For a modern and sleek finish, the Slimline Art hanging is the slimmer line unobtrusive system which works well in homes and home offices.

Once you have decided upon your choice of hanger either stainless steel cable or clear tape you then thread this through adjustable clips which attach to the artwork or photo. These adjustable clips can then be moved up and down allowing you to position your artwork at any height on your wall. With the Slimline system you can achieve a modern and less intrusive art hanging system, with a modern finish. For those that have larger photos or artworks to display the original Gallery hanging system is capable of hanging any sized artworks you may have holding up to 20kgs of weight on one hook.

An art and photo hanging system is a simple and effective way to achieve professional looking walls with art and photos hanging at the right height and placement every time.

Gallery Systems UK

The leading name in picture, art, and hanging systems is Gallery Systems UK. Their original Gallery system used in galleries across the world was develop 30 years ago in Australia. They still produce gallery systems in their Australian factories and sell throughout the world with warehouses and suppliers across the globe. Within the UK market Gallery Systems are able to deliver products effectively and fast from their Leicester warehouse. All of their components for each system can be bought online and delivered across the UK. Another product to mention is that Gallery Systems make hangers and hooks that fit onto already existing picture rail systems, which are common in many older UK homes. Giving the homeowner greater options in hanging art and photos.

The innovative designs behind Gallery Systems started 32 years ago and although the original owner has passed on the business, the current owners continue to develop and grow with the market, expanding and improving while maintaining the original high quality and workmanship that see Gallery Systems the picture hanging system of choice for world leaders such as Microsoft UK, Apple Inc California, Ken Duncan Photography, Stockman’s hall of fame, Oxford University and many more.

The art hanging systems from Gallery Systems are affordable, cost effective and durable, leaving you wondering why you didn’t order sooner. With tracks able to be easily expanded or cut shorter, you can decorate any room in photos and artworks with ease. Gallery Systems UK Slimline Art hanging systems make modern picture hanging a breeze, from office to lounge you can hang wherever and whatever you like. With easy to follow instructional videos on their website you will find all the answers you need to any question, from easy installation to adding light to illuminate your artworks. Gallery Systems UK are the leading picture hanging system specialists, why not order a system today and start enjoying hanging photos and art with no more bruised thumbs or holes in your wall today.