When it comes to music there are many options for music lovers in the modern day. The different categories in music instruments come with various attributes of their own. Stringed instruments have been very popular for a number centuries and have played a huge role in the history of music. The elegance that comes with many stringed instruments has been mush desired by many elite music lovers. The Harp and Lyre Harp are two of the most famous types of stringed instruments and music lover’s inclination towards them during the past many centuries stands as a testimony to that. The Harp and Lyre Harp in the past times have been known as the instruments of the elite including the royals of many countries. They used to be particularly expensive costing many times more than what they cost today, for that reason quite often they were only enjoyed be either the most elite of people or the royals.


Harp is a pleasingly hewed stringed instrument, with traditional roots and absolutely memorizing music quality. It has all the skills levels incorporated, starting from beginners to experts. Although the harp is most well-known for its contribution and history in Irish music, numerous versions of it have been popular throughout Africa, parts of Europe and Asia right through the history of music. The harp looks very elegant when played and sound is generated by plucking the strings with fingers of the player. It gained much recognition during the middle ages across Europe and during this time many new techniques and technologies were incorporated to evolve the Harp into many new versions as well. The Harp is played by a person sitting next to it and their hands move in motions that look both elegant and pleasing to the eye. Mostly rich people enjoyed the instrument in its initial period because of the cost of it, but with more makers and sellers offering Harps currently, the prices have dropped significantly, making the instrument reachable by many music lovers. Interested music lovers can easy find Harp at music stores or even find Harp for Sale online. This accessibility when looking to Buy Harp Online or at stores conveniently located has also contributed to the increased recognition of the instrument a great deal. One of the most famous versions of the harp is the Lyre Harp.

Lyre Harp

The Lyre Harp is an old-style stringed instrument that was mainly used by the Greeks in history and many different people followed after that. In appurtenance it bares many similarities with the Harp but does have certain differences. The classic Lyre Harp is played by the player by plucking the strings with a plectrum much like a guitar, however the other usual Harp is plucked with fingers by the player. This is the major difference between the two. Europe and parts of the Middle East later on altered the way the Lyre Harp was played by using a bow. There are many skill levels attached with the Lyre Harp, however it is suitable for beginners as well, prompting them to be used in many different parts of the world. The Lyre Harp much like the harp also has additional elegance when played. The person playing it sits on the side with their arms extended and producing motion that looks particularly elegant, combined with the very fine tuned music generated, the Lyre Harp provides enhanced levels of elegant and quality music.