A Mirror TV is basically a television that can also serve the function of a mirror when turned off. The mirror becomes clear when the TV is on and the TV’s HD image shines with incandescent glory. All of the frequently sold mirror TVs offered by prominent vendors in the USA are completely customizable. Hundreds of mirror styles are the splendid attraction of mirror TV and exceptional quality is the number one plus point of mirror TV. Each and every customer of mirror TV is impressed with its top notch quality and reasonable price makes mirror TV stand out from other prominent players in the market.

Customizable Mirror TV Solutions

Frame My TV is the market leader in television concealment solutions including TV frames, TV mirror, and TV art covers. Mirror TV serves as the ornamental element of home décor and it has got plethora of compliments from customers located in the United States of America. According to customers, elegance and exceptional viewing quality are the opulent features of mirror TV. Easy process and professional service are the principal benefits of mirror TV as an electronic gadget. Commitment to quality makes mirror TV the most trusted television concealment solution in America.

Excellent customer support is often pointed out as the most popular feature of Frame My TV. Their employees are great people to work with and the quality of the associated hardware of mirror TV is fantastic. It has been reported that quality as well as craftsmanship of the product are the impeccable appeals of mirror TV. Numerous customers of mirror TV are quite happy with their wall mounted TV mirror and mirror TV is a product which is worth every penny. A typical mirror TV will have an elegant finish and its framing fits perfectly well around the television.

The installation of mirror TV is relatively easy and the employees of mirror TV are extremely helpful from beginning to end of the project. Great selection of products is another top rated feature of mirror TV and they are really an incredible company. The project management, installation, shipping and approval of the   mirror TV are really flawless. The impressive feature of the team at mirror TV is that they are dedicated to the success of the project from gavel to gavel.  Designer’s inspiration guidebook, Opti Clear Ultra Sample, Opti Clear Sample, Reflections Vanity Sample, Lux Sample, M1009, M6027, and M5141 are the popular TV mirror samples.

The Opticlear Ultra is a top quality TV mirror for entertainment TV mirrors and the basic purpose of mirror TV is optimal TV viewing. It offers a 40% reflectivity as a mirror and Opti Clear Sample is ideal for TV viewing in living room or master bedroom. The Opticlear Ultra is the original version of the famed TV mirror glass offered by Frame My TV. Frame My TV has been serving customers since 2006 and their reflections Vanity TV sample is priced at $20. Unparalleled 4K quality is the majestic attraction of mirror TV and it features an art that represents the design of the room. Mirror TVs are created using the highest quality frame styles and super quality dielectric mirror. The framed television of mirror TV is ultra slim and they are available in a distinct variety of finishes. The standard frame styles and premium frame styles of mirror TV have become a superb hit among customers. The creative technocrats of mirror TV are passionate about renovating home with Mirror TV. Mirror TV is an electronics marvel which can be transformed into a magical TV and it adds to the elegance of home.

Mirror TV is created to reflect the style of the brand and they seamlessly blend design and technology. Typical mirror TVs bring a modern touch to the living room and the vanishing glass is designed to provide mirror reflectivity. It makes possible for television to completely disappear when turned off and the customization features in mirror TV include display size, mirror size, framing as well as technology upgrades. Mirror TV changes the way people watch television and it breaks down the barriers of TV placement. A semi transparent mirror TV gives vanishing effect and mirror TV is the ultimate choice of contemporary era.

Typical mirror TVs are waterproof and some of them are equipped with USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. Customers can hang mirror TV on the walls of swimming pool, shopping mall, bathroom, and kitchen. Mirror TVs are dust proof too and elegant picture quality is the most sought after feature of conventional mirror TVs. According to tech maestros, mirror TV deserves five plus star rating in all forms and manifestations. Wooden frame decoration of mirror TV has become an instantaneous hit among consumers all over the world. The most talked about benefit of mirror TV is that it works perfectly well as a mirror and smart TV simultaneously.

Mirror TV hosts preinstalled apps of Android 5.1 OS, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and most of them come with one year warranty. Mirror TV creates a magnificent setting guaranteed to delight guests on every occasion and it helps to design living space with elegance. A conventional mirror TV offers a timeless solution and mirror TV is a highly reflective mirror glass screen with built-in smart TV. The optical glass surface of mirror TV enhances the picture quality of the LCD/LED panel and the screen reverts back to a normal mirror when the display device is switched off.

Mirror TVs of contemporary age come with standard decorative frame designs that suit any contemporary interior. The makers of Mirror TV offer the very best services to their clients and some of them offer coloured back painting options too. Mirror TV transforms the screen into an integral part of the room décor and it can be described in a single phrase as “television that looks like a mirror”. Smart mirror televisions include HD TV with mirror glass preinstalled and the mirror TV can be converted into state of the art LED HD smart television. Television mirrors are great for bed rooms and sharp and clear picture punctuates a typical mirror TV. Popular TV mirrors are equipped with HDMI ports, component as well as multimedia USB.