Close to 2,400 marriages end every day in the United States, according to statistics from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While divorce may be defined as the end of a marriage between two people, if there are children involved, it’s much more than that.  Luckily when it comes to things like this you can always seek help from professionals, such as those with Janet P. Welton, P.A. That way you can make sure that your kids are getting justice and the help that they need. Little can cause as much emotionally trauma for children than seeing their parents go separate ways. There are steps that can be taken, however, to minimize it.

Controlling What You Say

Don’t be critical of your spouse in front of your children or use them for emotional support. A child is the sum of both of their parents. Being emotionally and physically divided from their father or mother, is destructive to their sense of self. Being conscious of this will shield them from chaos that may feel life a life sentence but is only temporary.


Change As Little Of Their Regular Routine As Possible

A child experiences a major rupture in their home life during divorce. It feels like the world is coming apart from where they stand. Making sure that the usual activities they participate in after school or at home remain the same. It will help them to maintain as much stability as possible. Casual interaction with the parent that the child will no longer be in the same house with is also key. Overly formalizing visits with them can make the child feel like they are divorced from their parent too. Be sure to learn all you can about divorce and kids so that you know how to help as much as you can.


Pay Attention To Warning Signs

When a divorce is handled badly the effect on the children in a home can be extreme. A child who is a good student can begin to fail classes and lose a connection to their schoolwork. A child who’s perfectly healthy can develop headaches and other physical ailments. Of course the most common side effect of a divorce to look out for in your child is depression. If you notice your child struggling to cope, getting outside help in the form of counseling is essential.


About half of all the couples who marry in the United States get divorced, yet couples who break up, often feel like they’re doing something out of the norm. It’s just not possible to breeze through an event so emotionally and financially trying, but it is critical to remember that your children are more delicate than you are and need extra love and attention when their parents are going separate ways. That is why it is such a good idea for you to seek professional help and counseling. That way you can make sure that you can your kids are getting all of the proper help that you need. Divorce is definitely never easy, so make sure that you get the help that you need.