An office chair or a desk chair is a type of chair that is meant to be used as an office desk. These usually swivel chairs and these possess wheels that make moving from one place to another really comfortable and quick. The height of these chairs can be adjusted and this has evolved from a piece of furniture to one that has adapted to the ever-changing corporate needs.

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What was the main purpose of creating office chairs?

Charles Darwin is credited with the discovery and innovation of office chairs. With the ever-increasing trade and commerce in those times, additional office staff required to be there on the payrolls for administrative purposes. Increasing productivity and the ways and means of increasing productivity started gaining predominance. Initially, the office chairs were mainly used for reclining purposes, and they were made of hardwood varieties but now they are available keeping in mind the ambiance, the cost, the background color and the types of office in which they are used.

  • The main purpose for the creation of the office chair was to increase the productivity of the clerks as they required to be seated in their desks for a prolonged period of time. Hence, seating them comfortably so that their work can carry on unhindered was the main reason for the office chairs to gain so much of importance.
  • A moving office chair with swivels was highly popular at that time, due to the fact that it enabled employees to reach a lot of things while remaining seated in their office chairs. This made it easy to be transported from one cubicle to another or from one room inside the office to another room.
  • The wooden seat saddle was mainly innovated and designed to adapt to the body of a sitting employee. The slatted back and armrests provided the support that a person will warrant after he or she has spent considerable time in the office on a desk. Like many of the other office amenities, these office chairs were also designed and customized to provide the maximum comfort and maximum working time.

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3 Types of Office Chairs

There are many varieties of office chairs. All of this boils down to the purpose of these chairs and what kind of work and duration they are designed for. The number of employees sharing a desk also plays a part in the designing and customization of office chairs. Budget restraints, space restraints, and other ergonomics do play a timely role in the designing of office chairs. The types of office chairs are as follows:

  • The most common and basic chair is the task chair. This generally does not provide an armrest or support to the employee. Hence, these are best for arranging at places where people stand in a queue. These are common in railway platforms or at other places where the people may sit on them for some time only.
  • Mid-back chairs are common too. These are the ones that offer full back support to the people sitting on them and are comfortable for a longer duration than the basic task chairs. High-end chairs are used for conference rooms and bigger corporates where a lot of emphasis and importance is laid on the right posture and the right seating arrangements.
  • Ergonomic chairs are ones that provide the right support and fit the needs as and when desired. This is mainly designed to prevent stress injury and a rigid back problem. These are very popular.

There are many online portals that sell office furniture and you can book from the online portals and pay to get your office chair delivered to your doorstep.