So finally, you are going to achieve your dream come true moment! You are going to get your own home especially customised as per your needs and demands (and dreams). And you may even have scheduled your moving date and rented a place for temporary accommodation according to the time you’ll need to build the home. But let us warn you, though getting a custom home built normally requires sixteen to twenty months, there can be sudden surprises awaiting you causing delay. 

You may have kept handy the entire sum needed for the building a perfect home, even have the design ready and everything planned perfectly, but still some factors do impact the time taken for the total construction work to be fulfilled. And these can cause you a delay of at least a few months. And being aware of these factors is important so that you can be well prepared about them or at least can try and avoid them as much as you can! 

Matters impacting the time frame of your home building project:

It’s really an amazing feeling to start your dream home building project under the guidance of good builders in North Shore Sydney, Light House Building has got decades of experience in creating fantastic spaces for your commercial and residential needs according to your choices and preferences. But even after consulting such a great builder, you may face certain delays in your home building project. Read about those delaying factors below and ensure to prep against them when you start building your home. 

The right construction style of the home You may have got a blurred picture of your home in your mind that you desire to build. But your designer can’t read your mind. They’ll need to draw it all for you and confirm each and every minute detail of it with you. Then there’s a rough blue print created which again requires many alterations and fine tuning. This process of finalising the right construction style of your home alone can take you a long time. Mostly, the normal time required for this procedure should be around 2/4 weeks, but if the designs are complex and the property is too large or there are lots of alterations, it can extend to even months!

Acquiring permits and preparation of the lot This is something we all know is difficult! But just how difficult this phase can be, you can only make out when it happens to you! Obtaining legal permits sometimes stretches to months. Even then there can be lots of legal permissions to be taken in case you are adding extra factors to your property, like — a well or a granny flat. Then after acquiring the same, you’ll need to prepare the lot for construction too. It includes getting rid of debris, garbage and levelling of the land — which can again take a longer time if the lot is a neglected one.

The weather and seasonAgain, nature is a factor that you couldn’t control! This is something that can delay your work for weeks. Like heavy rainfalls, snow, etc. can prolong your construction work for a few weeks too.

Sudden change of mind — If you thought your building work has started and it wouldn’t be interrupted now, then you are an angel client. But most people are not! Even after so much trial and tribulations with the home plans during your designing process, you can get new thoughts and change of mind later. This again can cost you a lot of time depending upon the work that’s to be fixed, or redone.

These are the most common factors that can easily influence your time schedule for building your dream home! Ignoring all of them may not be entirely possible, but with the help of your builder, you can dodge quite a few of them and see to it that your home’s built on time!