I was dreading it on so many levels. I mean, I’d lived at my parents’ forever which really means, I was used to having everything done for me. It was great to enjoys a life without responsibility but when I got my place at university, I knew everything would change and that it was time for me to grow up and take care of my own business.


I haven’t really accumulated much in the way of heavy furniture over the years but I did have shelves of heavy and expensive books I would need, my favorite cuddly toys collected and donated and the clothes! Oh God the clothes…………! I was moving out of London and so I knew I would have to get a good, cheap (emphasis on the cheap), professional man and van service.

Obviously, Google is my always my first port of call and so I just put my parents’ postcode and ‘local removal companies’ in the search box and took a look at the top few results. Browsing the moving companies’ websites was really helpful. I hadn’t even thought about how I would pack things for example! Most professional removals companies have all the packing materials available and can quote for that as a service if you need it.

Anyhow, I called three of the small removals companies I found that each offered man and van hire in the area. They each took the time to talk through my requirements and all called me back promptly with some great prices! It was actually a whole lot cheaper than I had thought!

A few days before the move I was going through my things, deciding what to take with me and what to leave behind. It was quite emotional to be honest because it was like a passage of rights into adulthood and I was feeling a little reluctant to leave behind my childhood.

But then I reminded myself that I was going to be in my student halls by the following week and about to embark on the next leg of my growth. I’d been told by everyone I spoke to who had already graduated and they all assured me it wasn’t all work, work, work! Haha! I was actually starting to look forward to staying out late without my parents being at home watching the clock!

The ‘relocation team’ from the moving company and they were so organized! It was great really because my parents were already impressed at my maturity at handling the move and the way the team worked, they knew I had booked a great company to do the job!
Their van was plenty big for all of my things and everything was carefully loaded by the lads. I followed them with my parents in the car to the university, talking through childhood memories on the way there like I was never going to see them again!

It was great to have my parents at my new home when the moving van arrived too because they helped arrange my things as it was unloaded by the movers so all I had to do was check out my new neighborhood.

I have to say the whole process was made so much easier because I hired a professional company. I figure that any company that has a strong presence on the internet or locally is obviously doing something right if they’ve been established for any length of time. I was 100% spot on!

My move into new student digs was actually quite enjoyable but the best part was the satisfaction I felt at having completed such a grown-up task so effortlessly. Thanks of course to my parents and the fantastic house movers!!