Pune is, in many a ways undoubtedly a traveler’s paradise. The city is often fondly called the cultural capital of Maharashtra, the Queen of Deccan and obviously, the Oxford of the east. But did you know that different parts of the city also double up a prime location for ghost hunters? Often, paranormal experts consider modern Pune to be a ‘possessed’ one. It is one of the metropolises in India where high rise structures and developed infrastructure lay side by side decayed buildings, which not only look grey, but also seem to have grievous dark stories to tell.

Here’s lowdown on the most haunted places in Pune.

#1: The Super Haunted Choice Hotel

Next time you munch on some French Fries at the McDonald outlet at Kurve Street, keep note that there is a haunted place just behind the building. The Choice hostel is one of the costliest boys’ hostel in the city- and it is the place that has made many skeptics finally give in and believe that THEY do exist. Just after the sunset, the otherwise vibrant ambience of the hostel gives way to a somewhat uncanny, somber, depressed air. Many of the inmates of the hostel swear that they have encountered an apparition wearing red saree. She is particularly seen in the Saturdays, particularly in the late night hours, when students would schedule their late night study routines. A number of students have come across sounds akin to the tinkle of anklets, sobbing while many claims to see ‘her’ reflection in the bathroom mirror!

#2: Sinhgad Engineering College

sinhgad fort pune

Pune, being a student city has a number of prestigious colleges-and some of them are not barred from being tagged ‘haunted’. For example, the students of Sinhgad Engineering College often comes across the apparition of a young man, who, as the legend goes was a student of this college who committed suicide for not being able to pass the exam. He died inside the college and is believed to be roaming around the area where he breathed his last. So much so, no student of the college dares to walk alone in the college campus once it turns dark.

#3: The Well Behaved Friendly Ghost

‘Ghost’, as a number of ghost story writers put it, needs not to be scary and annoying all the time. At least, the residents of the Viman Nagar Gangapuram Society never seem to be troubled about the ‘spirit’ that is supposed to reside there. The middle aged man in white lungi, as the residents describe ‘it’ to be, loves making its appearance when some occasion is going on. However, he never means to trouble anyone and reported to get vanished away if anyone approaches. Otherwise, ‘it’ would happily stand at a corner and watch others. So does he come to help others and manage things if need arises? You decide!

#4: A Haunted House In MG Road

haunted bungalow

When it comes to envisaging a haunted house having a sorry or mysterious past, you might imagine a dreary, derelict building which has been left by its original inmates long before. Actually, there is such a house in Pune, near the Garden Beer Bar at MG Road. The appearance of the house actually matches the description of haunted houses that ghost writers often put for us. Even the landlord had to surrender and leave the house in fear, thus keeping the property unoccupied, but not un-possessed for years. Many ghost hunters have called it the spookiest building in Pune. As the locals put it, the house has become a place for revengeful spirit after a young lady was murdered inside the building. Often, desperate cries of women and children are heard, along with a meaningful door knock, indicating a final chance to escape!