Birmingham to Host 2022 Commonwealth Games

Sporting excitement has gripped Birmingham since the city was chosen to be the host of the Commonwealth Games in 2022. This is a major coup, and it will be the largest sports event to be held in an English city since the 2012 Olympics in London.

Benefits for the Economy

Some Birmingham residents have complained about spending money on hosting the games when local services needed more investment. However, Ian Ward, who is the head of Birmingham Council and the game’s project, said the overall reaction had been positive and that local services would not be affected in any way. Mr. Ward said hosting the games would bring massive benefits to the region, including a significant boost to the economy. He said it would create jobs and promote Birmingham’s profile as a cosmopolitan and modern city.

A Boost for Tourism

The boost to Birmingham’s tourism from hosting the games is quite clear. Apart from the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games is the largest sporting event featuring a variety of disciplines to be staged in the world. Around 70 nations send up to 5,000 athletes to compete in 18 sports. For more on the importance of the games, see this report from The Independent.

The Alexander Stadium in city’s Perry Bar will be the center of athletics competition, and the capacity of this arena will be increased to some 50,000 spectators for the event. It is also likely that the games will spark investment in hotels and serviced apartments to cope with the influx of visitors.

It is thought that the games have already started to encourage people to take part in sports and young people are enjoying team sports such as rugby and football. It is important when taking part in any sport that you ensure you have the correct kit such as Cheap Football Kits available from stockists such as will be interesting to see how many more people in the Birmingham area take up sports following the Games in 2022.

Games organizers said that they were impressed with Birmingham’s bid for the event and the diversity they saw within the city. They commented that Birmingham had earned the right to hold the games and had worked extremely to do so and that the event would prove to be hugely exciting and rewarding for everyone involved while allowing spectators to enjoy some first-class sporting competition.

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