To say that experiential marketing has evolved over the last decade would be an understatement. It would be more accurate to state that it has exploded, and so has influencer marketing. While experiential marketing makes the brands and its products more tangible, influencer marketing leverages social media to promote brands and products with the help of a celebrity. With their rapid popularity, something else has happened. Marketing agencies have started to join experiential marketing with influencer marketing. It has resulted in the juxtaposition of real-world marketing techniques with digital interactions. It has created a new measurable indicator – digitally integrated, tangible experiences.

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Why does every engagement marketing strategy need social media integration?

Most upcoming brands today have digital fronts. A considerable percentage of them are dedicatedly digital, and their objectives revolve around maximizing application downloads and conversion rates. However, other brands have dedicated brick-and-mortar outlets and do not have strong digital fronts. Their objectives revolve around maximizing their reach among the audience on social media, along with improving the footfall inside their stores.

Engagement marketing for all brands gives them the opportunity to gather more data on user engagement and interaction. You must remember that event-based marketing cannot work without the help of digital technology. Capturing data, tracking the metrics and analyzing the information will take considerable support from the social marketing tools. For example – you want to launch a product activation campaign. In that particular space, you can encourage the participants to share images and posts on Instagram and Facebook respectively accompanied by specific brand hashtags. The use of hashtag monitoring tools or social media listening tools should help you monitor the mention of your brand over the next few days on the channels.

What are the three main characteristics of great sharable experiential content?

The experience and its effects can last between an hour and a few days. How long people talk about it will depend on many factors. Now, you can follow the next three tips to create meaningful metrics to develop long-term momentum –

Create content that is Instagrammable

Social media is the most durable platform that can drive visibility and sales. While creating installations, and activities, keep them sharable on social media. Research shows that over 68% of the millennials follow social media posts for making purchasing decisions. They check reviews, rating, price comparisons and style trends online. When you design a unique engagement tactic, your brand and product can piggyback on its popularity on social media.

Take the example of the Museum of Ice Cream. They sold tickets worth $6 million thanks to their Insta-worthy installations. People loved the installations of soft serves and popsicles so much that they did not mind paying $29 for a ticket. They gave people the chance to post something fun and creative, something over 83% of the brands still struggle doing. They managed to create an incredible buzz by investing in content that was entirely social media worthy.

Create a social sharing infrastructure

We have all shared posts and images on either Facebook or Instagram from time to time. So, when we talk about sharing content on social media platforms, no one bats an eye. However, sharing content from engagement marketing events needs considerable planning. You need to pick the hashtags, filters and tools days ahead of the event. The hashtags should be a combination of brand hashtags and generic ones. That will help people find you while searching for related activities and at the same time promote your brand on the platform. Using the tools will help you gauge the reach of your event on each platform.

In most cases, an experiential marketing agency in Los Angeles would want the participants to share live videos, real-time updates and current pictures from the ground. If you have photo booth installations, you can think about providing Wi-Fi connectivity to the users inside the booth for direct sharing on Instagram. Your team should also have plans for the day and beyond that. You need scheduling tools as well as targeting tools. That is especially important for posts that have long-term relevance for the brands and the audience. Keeping specific posts alive kindle the connection between the target users and the brands for long-term.

Create a buzz about the event

All of the shenanigans can happen when you ensure that people learn about the event and turn up for it. When one day’s attendance can churn up over $6 million, it is imperative to get people talking about your event online. One of the most effective ways of doing it is by tapping into the power of social media influencers. Going for in-person activation and promotion will help you provide compelling content to your followers. Research shows that people trust new products and new brands when known celebrity faces endorse them.

Finding the right partner and the correct social media platform will make all the difference here. You need to find out who endorses your competitors and contemporaries. Once you find the current brand evangelists, it will not be difficult to find someone to carry your message forward. Working on a pre-promotional campaign helps with the selection of the hashtags and the filters. The social media influencers set the trend of posts that subsequent users follow.

The final words

Always remember that you don’t have to find a celebrity personality for endorsement or you don’t need to rake up a million dollar budget for the promotional work. The trick is to balance the influencer marketing and engagement marketing frontiers. The prime opportunity comes when you have an influencer onboard, you have the right brand information, you have the tools, and all you need to do is set up the pre-launch campaign on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. That’s right! You need to work on multiple social media platforms. Focusing on one might be just enough, but you can always do more by streamlining numerous channels. You will always find new followers once you expand your reach beyond one platform.