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The Big Choice: Velcro Boxing Gloves Vs Lace-Up Boxing gloves

Modern boxing gloves, as we know them today, were made a requisite under the Marquess of Queensberry rules in 1867. Boxing gloves come in two closure designs, the all-time pro-lace-up type, and the innovative Velcro – or Hook & Loop as it is called often.

At Infinitude Fight, we have the best of both worlds.

Boxing Gloves

Whenever you decide to buy boxing gloves, be very sure about your requirements and constraints. Not every boxing glove is all-purpose; some of them are highly subjective in design according to usage. For instance, a sparring glove is for sparring rather than being used in a professional boxing match.

Be mindful of different types, weight classes, and styles of Boxing gloves as they are crucial for your success, be it in training, boxing, or fitness.

Let’s go through both boxing gloves closure types one by one, shall we? –

Lace-Up Vs Hook and Loop Boxing Gloves

First things first, Velcro-style boxing gloves are a relatively new transition of the boxing equipment compared to the evergreen lace-up boxing gloves.

However, as the years have gone by, Velcro gloves have become immensely popular owing to their practicality. When you swipe around the gym, you will see most boxers, especially beginners, start with Velcro gloves.

But which is the best choice? – Lace-ups or Velcro? Precisely, both of these types have pros and cons, and if you are looking to buy boxing gloves, the decision should be based on the factors that are important to your personally.

What to consider while choosing between Lace-up and Velcro?

What is your budget – What boxing gloves price are you looking at?
Will you have someone to help you put on the gloves?
What would you instead choose, a better fit or being able to slide on and off the gloves easily?
What will you use the gloves for, training or fighting?
Keeping all these questions in consideration, let’s look into each type objectively.

Lace-Up Boxing Gloves

Lace-up gloves have a lace closure – as evident with its name, the lace-ups are tied up with a lone piece of lace woven onto the glove on both sides. This lace is then drawn tight and ties around the wrist/hand.

Mostly, the lace-up gloves are similar in design, with the back of the wrist either flat or ridged-puffed with some extra padding. With that being said, let’s look into some pros and cons of lace-up gloves;

The Benefits of Lace-Up Gloves

Lace-up boxing gloves offer a secure, close fit around the wrist area
They mostly come with a longer cuff to fit the arm better
The wrists are padded, providing improved comfort
With laces, opponents are not in danger of being scratched.
The wrists feel petite, tight, more streamlined, and less bulking compared to Velcro gloves
While all of these features are amazing offerings of the lace-up gloves, on the other hand, the gloves have some drawbacks too;

The Disadvantages of Lace-Up Gloves

Lace-up boxing gloves require the assistance of another person to put on – this is probably fine for a fight or in a gym but can turn out to be a big pain while training alone.
They take time in putting on and off, so not ideal for short training sessions or when you require frequent glove changes
Lace ends can potentially arm the opponents by inflicting cuts, so they are usually taped up at the wrist for a fight
The way around – many people circumnavigate the problem of not having someone around to lace up the gloves by replacing the lace of the boxing glove with an elasticated cord while training.

While doing this doesn’t provide an excellent fit as the standard laces but does enable you to get your hands in and secured inside without anyone’s assistance.

Velcro Boxing Gloves

Velcro boxing gloves are a reasonably new addition to the boxing equipment. The gloves are secured with one or more straps of Velcro, which wraps around the glove and pulls and binds the two halves of the glove together.

Velcro boxing gloves are available in all shapes and sizes; few manufacturers opt for an elasticated Velcro strap or feature two straps for different fits.

But, how to put on Velcro boxing gloves by yourself? And what are their pros and cons?

The Benefits of Velcro Gloves

You can put them on and off without assistance
They are easy to put on and off during training
They provide various fastening styles of Velcro, all of which offer different levels of support and fit
The strap itself provides added support and protection

The Disadvantages of Velcro Gloves

The Velcro can scratch the opponent
Cheap Velcro could lose its purpose and effectiveness with time and lose grip
Straps sometimes can be too long and leave Velcro exposed
Fit and wrist support can vary a lot
Velcro gloves generally have less padding on the wrist area
To sum up, the Velcro gloves are designed to provide ease of use. The number of people training alone is increasing, so a glove that lets you glove up by yourself is a must.

Velcro boxing gloves are also a beginners’ favorite go-to option, as they are perfect for short training sessions and allow you to take them off and put them back on in mere seconds.

Also, when it comes to boxing gloves price, Velcro gloves are much cheaper.

So, there you have it, considering the pros and cons of each type, select a pair of gloves that suits your needs – but if you are still unsure, read on.

The Hybrid Boxing Gloves

Apart from Velcro and lace-up gloves, there comes another type of boxing gloves, the Hybrid gloves. Granted, these aren’t much common, and still, there are only a few gloves options in this style.

Still, hybrid boxing gloves try and incorporate both Velcro and Lace-up styles for best results. However, while they maximize protection and fit, you will still need help from someone to assist you with the laces – so you lose out on much of the convenience.

For what it is worth, it is still possible to just tuck in the laces and rely solely on the Velcro strap, though, so you get much-added flexibility in how you choose to secure your gloves.

If you are thinking to get a pair of boxing gloves and wondering which type of gloves you should be using, then remember, it all boils down to two things mostly – the kind of activity you are going to use the gloves for and your personal preference.

Finding your Boxing Gloves Size

Regarding the gloves sizes, in reality, there is no one sure way of measuring your size because it depends on the type of training you will be using them for.

Many boxers/fighters own multiple pairs of boxing gloves for various activities. Most manufacturers make gloves between 10oz to 16oz; still, it is entirely possible to get gloves in various sizes, like 8oz boxing gloves to 18oz and above – however, the larger sizes are mostly custom made.