When talking to people, you’ll find that one of the biggest complaints that they have is a lack of funds to do the things they love. Or, not even enough to do the things they need. Today’s troubled economy means that most people are having to count their pennies. Even the richest of the rich are struggling… if you can call it that. But, there are ways that you can work to combat this issue. You just have to take some big steps.


Keeping your money in order and ensuring that you don’t overspend is an art in itself. Budgeting will help a lot, but sticking to the budget is the most important part. To start building a budget, you first need to calculate the money that you have to spend each month. This includes bills, rent, mortgage payments, taxes, and more. Anything that you can’t get away without paying needs to be added. Figure out the sum of these payments, and take them out of your monthly funds.

Now, you need to think about money that you have to spend on necessities. This includes things like food and hygiene. With this part of your budget, you can often take steps to make things cheaper. Try and find the best ways to feed yourself on the cheap, without compromising your health. Do this with everything. Can you get cheaper clothing? Do you need designer shampoo? There are loads of ways to split your expenses to last with you through as much of life as possible. You just have to find them. Once you have the lowest possible costs, take this away from your monthly funds.

At this point, hopefully, you’ll have some money left over. At least half of your excess should go into savings. And, the other half can be spent on yourself. Budgeting is much easier to cope with if you know you have some money being stowed away and that you have a little to spend. Once you start living like this, it will get easier and easier for you to fall into step with your budgeting. Having some money to spend on things you don’t really need can be the best motivation to keep working. And, of course, having some money saved is always a good way to get ahead in life.

If your spending is going over what you are bringing in, you may need to cut back in some places. Cutting back can come in loads of forms. But, the best way is to downsize your home. Of course, this isn’t ideal for a lot of people. But, it’s important to make sure that you can afford to live. Try and cut back in all areas of your life. Use less power and fuel, and try to get cheaper food. It’s all part of a jigsaw. And, once the jigsaw is finished, your financial life will be much easier.


When it comes to getting funding for big purchases or to get rid of debt, it’s always best to think ahead. Consider the payments that you might have to make in the future. Make sure that you think about everything in life. What if the car breaks down or the boiler blows? What if you need to buy new shoes? There are a lot of problems in life that can be solved with money. But, without it, these problems can become unbearable. If you plan in advance, and save money accordingly, you’re much less likely to get caught. So, try to save as much money as you can, to try and solve problems as they come.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on some money. You can work, but this will usually only yield a small amount. Or, you can try a different route. A lot of people end up in situations where they need money quick. This usually means relying on a payday loan. These loans have incredibly high-interest rates, though, making them very hard to pay back. If you can plan ahead, you might be able to avoid these costs with a personal loan, instead. Companies like LendingTree offer advice to help you find the best loan for you. But, be careful, loans can often make your financial life much harder.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what you need to do to start living on the cheap. Of course, this sort of life change can be very hard. But, the future rewards will be so very worth it. Be hard on yourself and always keep in mind the reasons for your budgeting.