Caviar is one of those foods that you probably haven’t thought that much about eating. You might think that it’s just a bit too fancy for you or it’s out of your culinary league. However, that’s actually super far from the truth. There are plenty of ways that you can easily add caviar into your diet that are pretty simple to whip up in the kitchen. From putting it on toast and crackers to topping off your smoked salmon fingers with them, check out the top ways to serve caviar down below.

  • With Some Toast and Crackers

Many people who eat caviar regularly say that it is simply best to eat caviar right as it comes with nothing special added. For example, this would mean that caviar should be left in the original container it came in or served over ice in a glass container. This would be so guests could scoop up the caviar in a mother of pearl or bone spoon. Make sure to not use metal spoons when serving caviar as this could adversely affect how it tastes.

Once you have it plated, you can add some sliced bread that’s been toasted or unsalted crackers beside the bowl for guests to use. You should make sure these crackers and bread don’t have that much flavor so the flavor of the caviar can shine through.

  • With Some Blinis

If you haven’t heard of blinis before, don’t worry! This is the traditional Russian way of eating caviar. Basically, blinis are buckwheat pancakes that are pretty tiny. You serve this along with crème fraiche that guests will add first to the pancakes. Then, the caviar can be served right on top of that crème for a delicious delicacy. If you’re wondering what drink to pair with this, it’s best to go with the Russian way of things – vodka or a pretty dry champagne.

  • In Some Stuffed Potato Skins with Delicious Salmon

When you think about the flavor that would go best with caviar, you’ve probably got salmon on your mind. That’s why this next item on the list combines these two flavors into an amazing dish. First, you’re going to take a baked potato and scoop out a good bit of the insides out. Leave a tiny layer of baked potato on the bottom for some extra flavoring and stability. Add the salmon inside of the potato skin and add some sour cream on top of that. You can top it all with chives or just go straight for the caviar. This is a fantastic dish to serve at any party or gathering! But first, you should go and buy caviar online instead of driving all the way to the store to get it.

  • On Top of Cucumber

Next up, we have one of the most attractive and beautiful ways to serve caviar – on top of slices of cucumber. Just cut up the cucumber into little circles and place a dollop of sour cream on top of each circle. You can add whatever spices you would like – we love dill – and the top it all off with a good helping of caviar.

  • On Some Smoked Salmon Fingers

Next up, how about some little sandwiches to serve your caviar to guests? Just take some white bread, butter it, cover the insides with sour cream and other spices, add on the salmon, and top it off with caviar. Now, these can either be served as individual fingers with the tops off or with another slice of white bread on top. This completely depends on personal preference, however without another piece of bread on top is going to look much better for decoration purposes.

  • On Top of Potato Pancakes

This last one is seriously going to impress all of the guests at your party. Just mix up some potatoes that you grated with eggs, salt, pepper, and flour. Then just fry them into little potato pancakes and top with a nice helping of caviar to serve to the party. And then go with some crème fraiche on top of the caviar to add some serious flavor to these pancakes.

So, what are you waiting for? Your guests are going to love these caviar creations that only took you a short time to whip up. You may not have thought that caviar was an ingredient you would ever cook with, but this delicacy is one of the best foods you can serve at any gathering.